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Linking the world for eXpatriate TEFL Professionals



Hello, Visitor:

Welcome to Leon's Links for TEFL professionals!

Don't you love the internet?!

    ...the world at your fingertips!


Leon's EFL Planet does link-exchanges!

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Table of Contents:

I.  Links for: TEFL Expats Anywhere

II.  Links for: TEFL Expats in China

III.  Links for: TEFL Expats in Korea

IV.  A Link for: TEFL Expats in Japan







Links for...
TEFL/TESL Expats Anywhere

Just click on the banners below to visit the other sites.

List of ESL links on the web!

Your link here!
Your link here!



This one is more of a travel log, with advice for expats in/going to
Thailand, Korea, Russian, and possibly more:



Links for TEFL Expats in China



CIA Fact Book: CHINA


 China Chronicles 

Click here for my BLOG on life in China



Links for TEFL Expats in Korea


My Blog on 10 years of life in Korea

Korean Chronicles


The Marmot's Hole

Political and Social commentary (often satirical) on the happenings in the R.O.K.,

by an X-pat living there


"Pusan Web" site was started before the Korean government changed the Romanization of Korean letters (in which case it would be Busan-Web).  But, nevertheless, it is a truly wonderful site, and not just for those who live and work in Busan.  You really should check it out.





Links for TEFL Expats in Japan


(just click on the banner above to go to ELTNews Japan)










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