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Leon's Paranormal Page
(U.F.O., U.A.P., E.T., Cryptids)
Cryptids = things like: Lake Monsters / Sea Monsters, Bigfoot, and Mermaids!

Recently added:  Section on Mermaids!
Just click on the mermaid to go there.


This is Leon, the author of this website.

Leon's UFO driver's license, valid to drive a UFO anywhere in the United States.

Table of Contents
UFO's / UAP E.T.s Cryptids
Click on Pic
to go directly there and learn about UFOs and UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)
Click on Pic
to go directly there and learn about E.T. (Extra-Terrestrials, aliens, angels and demons).
Click on Pic
to go directly there and learn about Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and more.

(...or just scroll down)

It's really ALL connected!  Aliens, angels, demons, interdimensional beings, etc.

Don't believe me!  Well, just keep reading, my friend.  Disclosure is happening!


U.F.O. stands for Unidentified Flying Object.  They are real, but they are unidentified.  That means we don't know what they are.  They DO exist, however, and I aim to provide some proof on this page.

U.A.P. stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (a term used by the U.S. military)

E.T. stands for Extra-Terrestrial.  ['extra' means outside, and 'terrestrial' means the earth.  So extra-terrestrials are beings from outside our earth's biosphere.  I have categorized three kinds of aliens:  (1) angels, (2) mortals, and (3) demons].

Cryptid is an unknown or "hidden" creature.  There have been a plethora of sighting of creatures, which are unknown and un-taxonomized by human biologists.  There is a lot of evidence that some of these creatures may be native to our own planet.  We NOW have PHOTOgraphic evidence of some of these creatures!


Click on link or just scroll down to browse this page.

< UFOs >        < E.T.s >       < Cryptids >





U.F.O. / U.A.P.

A Virtual Encyclopedia of UFOs & UAPs

Taxonomy of...
'Close Encounters'

Close Encounter
of the...

Description of Close Encounter

...1st kind seeing a UFO, a spacecraft of some sort
...2nd kind seeing and experiencing an affect from the UFO, like radiation burns, electronic malfunctions, etc.
...3rd kind seeing a UFO with occupants or just its occupants
...4th kind being abducted by aliens; or being taken aboard their craft; and sometimes having communication with the aliens
...5th kind having communication with aliens; being a contactee (but not on alien craft)
...6th kind a death of a human/animal in association with UFO sighting
...7th kind the production of a human-alien hybrid
Source: Wikipedia

Leon's Encounters

STORY #1:  Close Encounter of the First Kind
Going chronologically, my first "Encounter" was an encounter of the first kind. I was a youth, probably around 12 or 13 years old. My family was camping in the mountains of California, and we had just lay down for the night under the stars. As I lay there, unable to sleep, I stared at the stars and wondered many things. How many stars are there? Do they also have planets going around them? Are there other humanoids living on those planets as well? How many of God's creations are there?
Suddenly, three "stars" began to move. First one, then another, then the third. They moved so fast. I knew that they weren't meteors, because meteors go in straight lines. These "stars" curved. And they disappear from sight.
I asked my siblings who were right next to me if any of them had seen what I had seen. They all said no. They wouldn't dare have called me crazy, because I was older and bigger than they, but I know that they were thinking it. My sister (the logical one) wasn't thinking that I was crazy. She thought that I was pulling her leg. 'Cause stars just don't move that way. And neither to meteors.
STORY #2:  Close Encounter of the Third Kind
It wasn't until 30 years later (in 2008) that I had my next encounter. It was an encounter of the third kind. I was living in Tarsus, Turkey, working at the Tarsus American International School (I have lots of stories about living in Tarsus!, but this one is perhaps the best). By this time, I had married a Korean woman (in Korea) and divorced, she leaving me with an infant son to raise on my own. Titus had grown to be in third grade and was attending the same school where-at I worked. It was my habit at the time that after I had gotten Titus to bed and cleaned up the kitchen, to have a night cap and cigarette. I have never in my life smoked in the house, and I never will. So, I drank in the house, and would occassionaly go outside on the second-story porch for a cigarette.
One time, I did so. I went outside. It was well after midnight and everyone in the compound was asleep. I looked down as I lit my cigarette, and then looked up (as I usually do). There, hovering silently above the street was a UFO, not more than 30 feet away from me. I saw the two occupants (and I know that there were only two, because there was only space for two occupants, as it was a small shuttle craft. The craft was saucer shaped, with the cockpit elevated and windows all around the cockpit, so that I could see right in. The cockpit remained stationary as the saucer section rotated silently around the cockpit.
BUT, that's not what caught my attention at first. What caught my attention was that I was looking face to face with two greys, who were looking right at me.
Now, greys are not known for their facial expressions and one might even wonder if they are capable of facial expressions. Well, I'm here to tell you that I saw surprise in their faces. They were just as surprised to see me as I was to see them.
After they got over their shock, they looked down at the controls, manipulated some levers or buttons or touch screens (whatever), and the saucer began to rotate more quickly and the craft silently and slowly moved out of my visual range (behind some trees). I tried to chase it, but it was no use. It was gone.
I have some theories as to why me. At that time in my life I was very interested in Major Ed Dames and his remote viewing skills. I had begun just that year to experiment with some remote viewing of my own and I was pretty good at it. One night, as I was practicing my remote viewing in bed, something invisible came through the wall of my room closest to the street where I last saw the greys, and blasted me with some kind of device that did who knows what to me, but felt like someone had just fired an airgun at my head. It felt like I was blasted with a short, hard blast of air. Unfortunately for me, I don't think that it was just air.
Did I have missing time? I don't know. I didn't look at any clocks. Was that when I was tagged with the device in my back, which to this day causes me pain? I don't know. Did they try to erase my memory of the event and fail? I don't know. What I DO know is that my remote viewing skills became greatly reduced. It became harder for me to do remote viewing from that point forward, but I can still do it. in fact recently, I saw something with my third eye that is absolutely horrifying (and it could deal with our future), but that is a tale for another time.
STORY #3:  Close Encounter of the First Kind
The next encounter was 4 years later (2012) while living in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. Again, I lived on the second story, with a balcony, where I would go out at night and have a cigarette.
One summer night, at around 4am, I was on the balcony smoking, when from the South-East, flying directly towards me was an object. At first I thought it might be a plane or a helicopter, but it wasn't making any noise, AND there weren't flashing lights. Airplanes and helicopters use flashing lights when the are below a certain altitude.
I stared at it.
I watched it intensely.
I look at the sky a lot and am quite familiar with human-made aircraft. As the object got closer and closer, and I could make out its configuration, it became clear that this was no human-made craft. (The triangle ones are human-made). This was the shape of a spider with eight legs.
It had a big, round body, with eight spider-like, retracted legs.
Interesting! I'll bet you've never heard of that kind of UFO! I certainly haven't.
It flew right over me, not making a single sound, not varying in speed or direction.



Leon's Links to External Links


By placing the following links on my website, I'm not saying that I endorse them.  Some of them are questionable.  Personally, I don't like it when people profit from their U.F.O./E.T. experiences.  I don't think it is right.  Plus, it lessens the credibility of the message.  It creates the appearance of a "scam" (i.e., the fraudulent luring of lucre from innocent people with real hopes).  On the other hand, if someone is going to spend his/her time doing such an occupation as being an E.T. contactee and relaying messages to us, they've got to eat, right?  (I don't mind if they write books and sell them for a reasonable price, but the expensive seminars????  Are you kidding me?)

So, the point is:  use your own discretion; and don't "buy" into everything you hear/see/read;  "buyer" beware!  ...'cause even if someone is a legitimate channeler/medium, who's to say that the entity on the "other end of the line" is a benevolent one?

Close Encounters
of the
1st Kind
Close Encounters
of the
2nd Kind
Close Encounters
of the
3rd Kind
Close Encounters
of the
4th Kind
Close Encounters
of the
5th Kind
Close Encounters
of the
6th Kind
ECETI Cash-Landrum Incident Ezekiel
and the Cherubim
and the Elohim
Daryl Anka channels Bashar
of the Essassani
Linda Moulton Howe and Earth Files
MUFON UFO Burns Leon's Experiences Billy Meier
and the Pleiadians
Shaun Swanson channels Ishuwa
of the Yahyel
Linda did quite a few reports about it.
* * * Claude Vorilhon
and the Elohim
Lee Carrol
channels Kryon
of Magnetic Service
Google it!
* * * Travis Walton incident
Fire in the Sky
And many more. *
* * * Alex Collier
and the Andromedans
Whitley Strieber has an implant *
* * Emery Smith Simon Parks
and the Mantids
Christine Day channels
the Pleiadians
* * * Corey Goode
and 53 species
Sananda channels the Arcturians *

Have something to add?  Contact me.

CAUTION:  If you are a channeler, automatic writer, medium, psychic or other paranormal medium of any kind, please be careful.  The demons (i.e., the bad, interdimensional E.T.) can shapeshift and appear as any entity they like.  They can even change their voice.  They are very, very deceptive.  As the Bible says, even Satan can appear as an angel of light.  Some demons have appeared to people in the form of Jesus Christ.  If you have inadvertently (or on purpose) invited some negative entities into your life and are having trouble getting rid of them, please see my exorcism page.


Disclosure is happening!
(This is a history of disclosure, worldwide)

Flag used (if avail).
Note:  All pics are posted with credits to sources (and links to orgins), vis a vis the freedom of information act and fair use act (for educational purposes.  This is a non-profit website.  Actually, it's a losing-money venture, done out of love).
Link(s):  Sources
Ancient Sumeria
circa 6000 years ago
This picture is in the public domain.  Link to origin ->
Medieval Times
Various (Europe) This website has the best collection of ufos in Medieval artwork that I have ever seen!  Here's a sample:

The Baptism of Christ
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England
Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder

2004/05/11 Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects.

Picture is property of the Mexican Air Force but was released to the public in 2004 or 2005.



2007/03/22 France opens up its UFO files to the public. New Scientist


2008/05/14 UK opens up its UFO files to the public. New Scientist


2009/01/29 Denmark opens up its UFO files to the public. Ice News


2010/12/23 New Zealand opens up its UFO files to the public. Telegraph.co.uk


2011/04/11 FBI releases UFO files to public. FBI's "The Vault"


2011/04/25 NSA releases UFO files to public. NSA


2019/04/25 US Navy announces guidelines for reporting UFOs. Navy Times


2019/05/22 Department of Defense (DOD) finally admits that it investigates UAPs.

UAP  (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) = UFO

Fox News




More External Links

Collection of Tales of Close Encounters

Cydonia Video

E.T.s = Angels & Demons

The Good The Bad The Ugly
Pleiadians Reptilians Draco

Pic from Corey Goode
He's actually seen one.
Allegedly, these are 5th density beings, who look like us and want to help us evolve.
Source:  Billy Meier
Allegedly, these are 4th density beings, who look like humanoid lizards, and want to control us.  Work for the Draco.  Feed off of our negative (low-vibe) emotions. Allegedly, these are 4th density beings, who look like albino lizards.
Control the reptilians and want to control us.  Feed off of our negative (low-vibe) emotions.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are many other species, but those (above) are the major "players".

Here's a photograph of an alien that I call "Ezekiel's Angel":


Apparently, they are a worker-drone species that work for other species.



Of Heaven and Hell and Aliens!

NOTE:  4th density is what I call, "Hell".  The reptilians and draco are what I call "demons."  5th density is the first level of heaven.  There are seven levels of heaven (up to the eleventh density).  Therefore, 5th density beings (and there are many, not just Pleiadians) are what I call "angels".



In many NDE (Near-Death Experiences), where people die and come back to tell us about what's on the "other side,"  many people (not all) pass through a dark place, and then a tunnel/portal of light, in order to get to "heaven".  I believe that's because we must pass through 4th density to get to 5th density.  Some people get "stuck" in 4th density  because they have low vibrations (they vibrate at a low frequency).  One cannot move up to the higher densities, unless they vibrate at a that frequency.  In order to increase one's frequency, one must express one or more of the following emotions:  love, gratitude, compassion, and/or joy.

For more information on this topic, please see my NDE page.


Post Script

I don't remember where I got my photos from, exactly.  Probably some UFO website.  They were obtained a long time ago.  Nowadays, I'm trying to be more respectful of other people's intellectual property rights and copyrights.  So, that's why there is a lack of pictures on this site.

Would the producer of any of the pictures / photos on this page please contact me?


Including:  Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Lake Monsters, Sea Monsters
& Mermaids!

Just click on the mermaid.

Bigfoot Chupacabra Lake Monsters
AKA:  Sasquatch, Yeti, etc. AKA:  Goat-suckers AKA:  Nessie, Ogopogo, etc.
This is from Todd Standing's Video
(Click here)
I think it is a Thylacine Maybe YES!  BUT...

This is the most famous photograph
of Bigfoot EVER!
From the Patterson-Gimlin film.

(Scientifically proven to have existed)
Thylacines are from Australia, and are thought to be extinct there.

Perhaps one was brought to North America illegally.

I've yet to see convincing video.
All the videos that I have seen are not definitive proof.  They are not of adequate quality to make an adequate identification.

I do believe that they exist,
though.  Can't wait till somebody catches good photographic evidence!


Learn more below.

Mermaids & Mermen

Mermaids/mermen are REAL!
BUT, they don't look like what the popular culture has romanticized them to be.

AND, they aren't nice!
Herein below are some REAL captures of merfolk:


This is a still from a video shot by some tourists at Kiryat Yam, Israel.  The quality of the video isn't great.  They were up on a sea cliff looking way down below.  They spotted a creature laying on the rocks below.  It had black hair and pale skin (which matches other descriptions around the world in ancient and modern times).  You can watch the whole video here.

Note:  This creature matches the description of a mermaid seen by the famous sea-faring explorer Henry Hudson.

This is a still from a video shot by fishermen showing what they caught in their net.  Not sure which country the men were from, nor which sea they were in.  You would think that Animal Planet would give credit, but they didn't.  Here is the video from Animal Planet...
click here.


This is a merman's hand touching the glass of a submersible science vessel


...this is the creature swimming away from the submersible science vessel.  Captured on film in the Greenland Sea, March 6, 2013.

Video here.

Special Mention:  YouTube Video:  "10 Times Real Mermaids Were Found"  by The Magnum

Ancient MerFolk
in folkore

The concept of a half-humanoid, half-fish creature has been around for millennia.  And, it has nothing to do with mythology.
There has to be something to it.  Even Christopher Columbus records seeing Mermaids, and he claims (as do I) that they are not as beautiful as they have been painted (or portrayed in the media).


Japanese Mermaid in Japanese art.

Sorry.  Don't know much about Japanese lore.

 (AKA: Qallupilluit)
The QaluPalik, of Alaskan Inuit Lore are said to prey upon human children who wander too close to the shore without parental supervision.  They have a pale-green skin, black hair, and have both legs and a long tail.  They hum to attract their prey.
Some links:
[History Channel's Missing in Alaska]  (Note:  PG-13 due to scariness for young children).
[Astonishing Legends]
The Sahmeran
 (pronounced Shahmeran)
of Tarsus, Turkey.
I lived in Tarsus for a year.  I saw this statue.  And, when I asked the locals about it, this is what they told me...
The Legend of the Serpent King/Prince
(some versions say it was the king, some say it was the prince)...
I heard it as the king.  A long, long time ago, the people of Tarsus lived in harmony with the serpent people.  The serpent people were amphibious, living both on land and in the nearby sea.  When I say they lived in harmony, I mean that they tolerated each other, and even engaged in trade.  As legend has it, the serpent king fell in love with the human king's daughter.  One day, the king, being so enamored with the human princess went to spy on her as she was bathing in the bathhouse (which still exists today, and is in use as a bathhouse).  I've been there to take a bath.  Photo of the bathhouse is below and to the left.  Continued...
Apparently, there was a window at the top of the domed bathhouse, where the serpent king could look in.  As he was admiring the human princess, she by chance glanced up and saw the serpent king looking down upon her.  She screamed.  The kings guards came running and beheaded the serpent king.
This started a war between the humans and serpent folk, which eventually led to all the serpent folk retreating to the sea.  As they did so, the prince vowed revenge and would one day come back with his armies to destroy the city of Tarsus.  The stains on the top of the bathhouse dome is said to be the blood stains of the serpent king.
(Photo by me, 2009)

Compare the legend of the Sahmeran of Turkey with the Far East legend of the Nagas.  Nagas are creatures that live in water, have serpent-like tails and humanoid heads and torsos.  They are said to be both benevolent and malicious, all depending upon how we humans treat their habitat.


Lake Monsters
and River Monsters

FOREWORD:  I've yet to see convincing photographic evidence, but here is a list of lake monsters that you can research.

Name:  Bear Lake Monster
Location:  Bear Lake, Utah
Name:  Bessie
Location:  Lake Erie, Canada, USA
Name:  Champ
Location:  Lake Champlain, Canada, USA
Name:  Flathead Lake Monster
Location:  Flathead Lake, Montana
Name:  Inkanyamba
Location:  Howick Falls,  South Africa
Name:  Lauriosauro
Location:  Lake Como, Italy
Name:  Memphre
Location:  Lake Memphremagog, Canada, USA
Name:  Mishipeshu
Location:  Lake Superior, USA
Name:  Moleke-Mbembe
Location:  Congo River Basin, Congo
Name:  Morag
Location:  Loch Morag, Scotland
Name:  Muyso
Location:  Lake Tota, Columbia
Name:  Hahuelito
Location:  Naheul Huapi Lake, Argentina
Name:  Nessie
AKA:  Loch Ness Monster
Location:  Loch Ness, Scotland
Name:  Ogopogo
Location:  Lake Okanagan, Canada
Name:  Tessie
AKA:  Tahoe Tessie
Location:  Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California
Name:  TianChi Monster
Location:  Tian Chi Lake, China & North Korea
(There is a crater lake on the top of BaekDuSan)
[ Video1 ]  [
Name:  Van Golu Canavari
Location:  Lake Van, Turkey

Wikipedia  ],  [Various YouTube videos]

Sea Monsters

In mythology, in legend, in the fossil record, and in modern times.
(and some photographic evidence!)

Mythology Legend Fossils Modern

Ketos (Cetus)

Kraken Plesiosaurs














Leon's Other Links
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