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Titus's Page

This page is dedicated to my mini-me:  Titus.

Titus was born in the year 2000,
the year of the DRAGON.

Titus's English name comes from Greek, meaning:  "Giant" (Titan)

Titus's Sino-Korean Name (Tae Gyung) comes from the following Chinese Ideographs:

...which means:  "Great Whale"

Titus really has a BIG heart and is so loving.


Explanation Photograph
2000/June/05  Korea

This is the only digital photograph that I have of the whole family.

2000/June/0?  Korea

Allegedly, all Koreans are born with a birthmark, which Koreans call, "Mongolian Spot".  It is usually on the buttocks.  It is called, "Mongolian Spot" because it is believed that the Mongolians (I've since learned that all Mongolians share this trait).  It disappears before age four.

Titus, who only embodies half the Mongoloid genotype, has (had) the "Mongolian Spot" phenotype.  Interesting, huh?

2000/June/06  Korea

Mother and son.

2000/June/06  Korea

Titus on his favorite chair:  the bean bag chair.

2000/June/09  Korea

Mother and Child.  This is the last photo of Titus's mother.  She left a week before his first birthday.

2000/June/09  Korea

Father and son.

2000/June/22  Korea

Titus.. again... in his favorite chair.

2001/August/12  Korea

Titus, at that time, was old enough to crawl around and even climb into Dad's chair, which I think he liked only because Dad wanted to sit in it, and if it was good enough for Dad, then it was good enough for him.

2001/August/12  Korea

Titus followed me around, because he wanted to play with the camera which I held in my hand.

2001/August/12  Korea

Son and Father.

2001/August/15  Korea

Titus:  "I think; therefore, I want a cookie."

2002/April/09  U.K.

So, we go shopping and Titus disappeared in the store. Guess where I found him?

2002/July/17  Korea

Titus eating a battered frankfurter sausage at YeoUiDo Park, Seoul, Korea.

2002/July/24  Korea

Son and Father; back in Korea.


Titus and Dad in diapers.

At this time, Titus had an aversion to wearing diapers.  He wanted to run around in the buff.  I had to put a diaper on in order to convince Titus that wearing diapers was "cool".

Yes.  It worked.

2003/Feb/20  Korea

Daddy picking Titus up from Daycare.

2003/March/19  Korea

On my way home from work, some guy saw us (Titus and me) and just had to take a photo.  He had never seen anything like this before in his life.  He sent me a copy by e-mail.  I'm glad he did.

Titus was grabbing for the guy's camera.  He loved/loves cameras.

2003/April/19  Korea

Titus and Daddy huddled.

2003/May/04  Korea

Titus and Daddy at a Korean Palace, Seoul, Korea.

2003/May/04  Korea

Close-up of Titus & Daddy.

2004/??/??  China

Titus at a Buddhist Temple in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China

2004/??/??  China

Titus at a zoo in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China.

2004/??/??  China

Titus at his Daycare in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China.

2004/April/14  China

Titus and Daddy, at a Mongolian restaurant in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China.

2004/April/14  China

Close-up of Titus... tired, hot/flushed, and sleepy Titus.


Titus, back in Korea, thinking how he could get his hands on that awesome camera.

Apparently, he has sun-bleached hair and a bump on his forehead; neither one surprising.

2006/Dec/03  Poland

Santa:  "What do you want for X-mas?"

Titus:  "Hmmm.  Let... me... think..."

2006/Dec/25  Poland

Titus got a remote control 18-wheeler from Santa Claus for Christmas.  He was so happy.


Titus being a "Goof-ball".


Titus's 7th Birthday Celebration at Grandma's/Grandpa's house.


Titus and Cousins

This is my favorite photo

2010, Hanoi

Titus and Turtle

2011, Halloween

Titus and Jack

2011, Christmas

Titus and Tree


Titus's OWN Website

Titus  "Hall of Fame" Stories

Date:  Sometime in December 2006

Titus and I were shopping at Carrefour.  Titus said, "Dad, I want to buy some muscles."  I replied, "You can't buy muscles."  He then, asked, "How do I get muscles?"  I informed him, "You have to exercise!"  He then exclaimed, "Exercise?!  How do you do that?"  I laughed and said, "Ask Mr. Cooper, your P.E. teacher."

Date:  Sometime in January 2006

Titus and I were walking in the snow one leisure Saturday.  Out of the blue, Titus looks up at me and said, "Dad, what is that stuff on your face?"  I answered, "It's called a beard."  He then exclaimed, "Oh!  Like Santa Claus!  Santa Claus has a beard."  I chuckled and confirmed, "Yes, like Santa Claus."

After a few seconds of thinking, Titus says, "But, you have a beard all over."

Date:  February 4, 2006

I was watching a music video of my favorite song.  Titus loved the song, so he came over to watch it with me.  He asked, "Who is that?"

I answered, "September."

He then got a bit perturbed and said, "No, What's her name?"

I said, "That's her name!  September is her name!"

He thought for a few seconds, then announced, "Like the month!  Wow!  Same!"

I confirmed, "Yes.  Same, same."

Then, he asked, "Where is she from?"

I said, "Sweden."

Then, after watching a bit more of the video, Titus asked, "Is she your girlfriend?"

I said, "No.  I don't have a girlfriend."

He then announced, "O.K.  She's my girlfriend."

After the video ended, Titus declared, "Dad, I want to go to Sweden."

I said, "Me too, Titus.  Me too."


If you want to watch the video, click on the link below:

Titus's OWN Website

Artist:  September
Title:  "Satellites"
Album:  In Orbit











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