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My Pages/Links Brief Explanation Link Exchanges/Ads/Promotions
Abbreviations/Acronyms Abbreviations/Acronyms are shortened words/phrases
Online ESL Placement Exam
brought to you by

Used by over 600 institutions worldwide
ABC ENGLISH American / British / Canadian Differences in English
Calligrams A great way to teach/learn new vocabulary words!
I'm asking for help to make a public library of calligrams!

Please participate!
Chants CHANTS are like songs, but without music;
Clauses main clause, subordinate clause, relative clause
Content-based Education Learning to read by reading topics that interest the reader!
e-Pals Teachers, Parents, get e-Pals (pen pals) for your students!

Expat Teachers
(and for wannbe expat teachers)

English Pedagogy Second Language Acquisition (esp., TEFL/TESL)
Figurative Language e.g., metaphors, metonymy, simile, personification, etc.
Games (for Teaching) puzzles, riddles, activities
Pen Pals / Key Pals / e-Pals
Grammar English grammar (Even native speakers can learn something)
Homophones Homophones / Homonyms / Heterophones
Irony There are different KINDS of IRONY.  Do you know them all?
Teachers in Korea

Konglish-1 (Korean-English Interlanguage)

Konglish-2 (Lexis)

Dictionary Errors in Korea


Korea-Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Language Competence Bachman's Theory expounded (Can you speak POLITELY?) JOBS
for teachers worldwide

See the world and get paid to do it.

Metaphors 70% of English is metaphorical (Did you know that?)
Music in Education How to use music to teach ANYTHING!
Numbers USA and the UK have totally different numbering systems?!!!
What is the largest number?
Onomatopoeia Sound words (with Video!)
Parts of Speech nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc.
Link Exchange
Phonology/Phonics Phonetics, Phonemics, Phonology & Phonics
Poetry How to teach poetry writing!
Polysemy multiple meaning, one word
References such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
All Online & Free of Charge!!!
Schools Page List of Int'l Schools, Recruiters, Online Schools,
 TESOL certification Schools, etc. (Free Ads)
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SLA PAGE A glossary of terms for:
Second Language Acquisition (SLA),
& Applied Linguistics;
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Songs Krazy Karaoke (to learn English!!!) Link Exchange
Synonyms multiple English words, with similar meaning
TEFL LINKS!!! Links to other TEFL sites
Tongue Twisters for practicing those difficult phonemes!!!
Link Exchange
Vocabulary Increase English vocabulary via morphemes (morphology)
Whole Index Index of ALL Leon's pages (And Site Map)
X-pats' Page For English Teachers Living Overseas



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