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Saint Patrick's Day


St. Patrick's Day is March 17th.  It is originally an Irish Holiday, but is widely celebrated in American, regardless of one's ancestry.  To the Irish, it is a day to commemorate the Patron Saint of Ireland, namely St. Patrick.  To the rest of us, it is a day to celebrate the Irish traditions and culture which are a big part of what all Americans still know and do.  For example, all children wear green on St. Patrick's Day for good luck.  If you don't wear green, beware!  You might get pinched by someone else, usually by a friend or someone you know.  It's a kind of playful punishment for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day.


There are several superstitions associated with St. Patrick's Day.  One superstition deals with Leprechauns (see picture below).  Leprechauns are little men (about as tall as a pencil) who live in the mountains of Ireland.  If you can catch one, he will give you a pot of gold for his release.


Another superstition is that the music of the Leprechauns is very bewitching to anyone who might by chance hear it.


A third superstition is that if one finds a four leaf clover, and keeps it with him/her, then that person will have very good luck.


Let me give credit where credit is due...  the above graphics were taken from the following to sites on the web:

Courtemanche Custom Designs


St. Patrick

Patrick was an English man, who was a slave boy in Ireland.  He escaped and later went back to Ireland to convert the pagans to Christianity.  He is famous for many things...

1.  Hearing voices.
     A voice helped him escape slavery.  And, a voice told him to go back.

2.  Teachings.
     He is famous for using the shamrock as a teaching tool; to teach the trinity doctrine.

3.  Being a Saint:  That is, having performed miracles.

In order to become a saint, one must be "beatified" by the pope, usually posthumously. The saint in question must have performed at least one miracle in his lifetime. Saint Patrick was said to have performed two miracles in Ireland.

RE: Miracle #1
It is said that Patrick eradicated all the snakes from the island. However, scientists say that there is no evidence of snakes ever having lived on the island. It is therefore more likely that this is a metaphor for the eradication of spiritual darkness on the island.  There was no miracle, unless you consider changing the hearts of the people a miracle.

I use St. George and the Dragon as a guide to make such a statement as I did above.  It is commonly accepted by historians that the dragon, which was defeated by St. George, was a metaphorical representation of the spiritual darkness.  (Look it up!)

RE: Miracle #2
It is written that Patrick was accused of killing a neighbor's horses, which actually trespassed on Patrick's land and ate some poisonous plants. The defendant was determined to get revenge upon Patrick (I think by killing Patrick), but the man suddenly got deathly ill, and became bed-ridden. The man's servants begged Patrick to heal their master. Patrick used some holy water to heal not only the man but revive the horses as well. Now, that's a miracle in my book!
From my experience (and research) miracles are nothing more than the laws of physics being employed in ways that we don't understand. Japanese Dr. Emoto has proven that human emotions can affect water. (Search for him and his work on YouTube). What if Patrick imbued the water with holy, loving energy, and that loving energy was what healed the man and his horses?

Q1: Do you believe that we can imbue inanimate objects with loving energy, that can be "rubbed off" onto those that touch it or even come near it?

Q2: Do you have any interesting anecdotes to this regard?

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