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The Red Sun
The second sun in our binary solar system.

Photo by me, July 5th, 2018
(It went behind the sun in 2019, and...
is emerged from behind in 2021.  It can be seen now (2022) in the south-eastern sky, just before sunrise; interestingly with a
blueish companion).

Cross-Comparison of 12 Different Cultures
and their Mythology / Prophecies Regarding the Red Sun
(The Red Sun is a twin sun to our Yellow Sun in our binary solar system)

Culture Sumerian1 Persian2 Greek3 Norse4 Mongols5 Hebrew6 Mayan7 Egyptian8 Hindu9 Hopi10 Winne-
Source Tablets Avesta
Myth Edda Epic of King Gesar Bible
Polpo-Vuh Book of the Divine Cow Maha-
Stories Stories Bon
or History
History Frasho-
History Ragnarok History Apocalypse History History End of Kali-Yuga & Start of Satya Yuga Purification History ?
Top God Anu Ahura-
Zeus Wodin Esege-
God The Maker Amun Indra? Chief
Marduk Mithra Apollo Thor
Michael Xbalanque Ra Mitra &
The Sun -
Mushussu Azi-
Typhon Fenrir Atai-
Great Red Dragon 7-Macaw Hathor
Kalki Red
Moon Nanna
Artemis Sif ? Gabriel Hunahpu Khonsu ? ? ? -
Tiamat Angra-
Tartarus Jormun-
The bottomless pit Xibalba Nephthys Rahu Nightsky
- -
Anunnaki - Gaia? Loki Black
The Beast Lords of
Set Kali Some
Giants Dud &
Yep. Rivers of molton metal Yes! Sutr and the sons of muspel-
HOT! Fiery Eyes ? ? Flaming
? ? Yes!
- Soashyant
Tue (Twi) King
The Lamb The Hero
? Maitreya;
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Detailed Explanations and Comments:

There were two ways that I could have organized the table above: (1) by categorizing all the histories (myths) together and then categorizing all the prophecies together, OR (2) by putting all the red suns that were considered BAD together and putting all the red suns that were considered good together.  I chose the latter way of doing it.  Those red suns in the black fields were considered BAD.  Those red suns in the white fields were considered good, possibly even heroes.  The one in the dark blue field was considered both good and bad.

Myth:  First of all what is a myth?  And why is it important?

A myth is a story made to explain natural phenomena.  The phenomena are real.  We should NOT discount the phenomena.  The ancients in apparently all cultures used to personify or animate natural bodies or forces or entities in order to make the stories more interesting and memorable.  I find this fascinating.  All of the cultures explain the same phenomena. Only the characters (personifications / animations) are different.

Moons:  Why are they there?

Most of the moons don't play any roles, except in the Mayan version, where one of the famous twins is the sun and the other is the moon.  I put them there, because I could.

Thesis Statement

My thesis is that our solar system is a binary solar system, meaning that it is ruled by two stars:  a bigger, yellow one, and a smaller red one.  When the ancients talk of a war in heaven (and many cultures record this war in heaven) they are talking about a figurative war between the yellow/white sun and the red/envious one.  When the red one approaches perihelion, the "war" resumes; And, each time it does there are ramifications for Earth and its inhabitants.  Several sources say that it has reached perihelion five times in human history.  We are approaching the sixth time.  Some sources say that this will be the last and most destructive of them all.  I don't know about that.  But, I do know it is coming, and soon!  (like in the next two years from June 2021).  My thesis is also that the ancients recorded the event in their mythologies.  Please see below for more details.

Warning and Disclaimer


Some of the content below may seem scary.  And, it might seem to some (because I know how people are), that I am a fear-monger.  On the contrary, I am VERY optimistic about the end-times!  I have been researching and waiting for this my whole life.  I strongly believe that this is why I came here--to get front row seats!

As you read the following accounts, please keep in mind this one thing:  the righteous have nothing to fear.  Let me write that again...

The righteous have nothing to fear!
(raise your vibrational frequency by being full of love and light)

Sumerian/Mesopotamian Myth

Marduk with pet Mushussu
(picture is in the public domain)

(1) Sumerian / Mesopotamian Myth (Mushussu)

- Marduk:  (male) Literally, "Immortal Sun"; (Amar = immortal, Utu = Sun; aMarUtu = origin of Marduk's name).  Has many other epithets (nicknames).
- Tiamat:  (female) Literally, "Sea".  Original Dragon, Personification of Darkness and of the Cosmic Sea.  (Tiamat is far older than Marduk).
- Mushussu:  (gender unknown)  dragon, red in color (source).  Called the "servant of Marduk" (source).  Creation of Tiamat (source).

Marduk represents the Sun.  Tiamat represents the darkness of space.  You will see that dragons are often connected with water (in nearly all ancient civilizations).  In this case Tiamat (a dragoness) represents the cosmic sea (sea of darkness).  It is common knowledge that Marduk came along and defeated Tiamat.  The meaning is clear.  The light of the sun destroys the darkness.  Hence Marduk was revered as one of the most popular "gods" of Mesopotamia.

Mushussu is said to be the symbol of Marduk.  That's poppycock!  Don't believe it.  The etymology of Marduk is > amar (immortal) + Utu (sun "god")  [source].  Marduk is sometimes depicted as a man standing on a bull, and is associated with the Bull of Heaven.  In my opinion the Bull is associated with Marduk, because at that time the Mesopotamians were living during the age of Taurus  (source: me).  In other places Marduk is depicted as a man with Mushussu at his heels (see picture above for confirmation), as if Mushussu is a pet or servant.  And, it is red!!!!  It is for those reasons, that I suggest Mushussu is the dragon that represents the red sun.

Note that there were many dragons in Mesopotamian mythology, and most, if not all of them were created by the first dragon herself, Tiamat.  Enki (the personification of solid and liquid matter, especially on planet Earth) was said to have killed her husband (Aspu/Abzu, the personification of energy).  [Please note that energy is not destroyed, but changes into matter; it is merely a dramatization of that change].  As a means of revenge, Tiamat created 11 dragons to cause trouble for Enki.  One of those dragons was Mushussu, which I contend is the red sun in our solar system.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I, Leon, owner of Leonsplanet, came up with the conclusion that the primordial dragons represented darkness; and the red dragons represent the red sun that comes forth out of the darkness (i.e., out of the abyss of space).  I, Leon, came to both of those conclusions.  Anyone else who came up with the same idea is a genius, and great minds think alike.  There's not much online about the red sun in connection to Mesopotamian lore.  You have to read Jeremiah Sitchin's work, which is rejected by mainstream archeologists, but mainstream archeologist can kiss it!  Sitchin says that the red sun comes around every 3600 years.  (I don't think that it really works that way (because it's not a fixed orbit), but the point is that it comes around every so often, 'causing mayhem each time).

See Also:  [Mesopotamian Myth = Science in Metaphor].

Persian Myth

Ahura Mazda (God of Light)
Nemesis of Azi-Dahaka

(2)  Persian Myth  (Azi-Dahaka)

*The Immortals:
**The GOOD Immortals**
- Ahura-Mazda: (AKA:  Hormuzd, Ormuzd, depdending upon the dialect):  The highest god.  God of Light and Wisdom.
- Spenta-Mainyu:  Literally "Abundant Spirit" - ( The chief of all holy spirits of Ahura-Mazda ).
- Yazatas:  Literally "Venerable Ones" - (the subordinate angels of Spenta-Mainyu)
- Garshasp:  Literally no one knows what it means - (the last Shah of the Pishdadian Dynansty)

**The BAD Immortals**
- Angra Mainyu:  Literally "Destructive Spirit":  Personification of all things bad/evil.
- Azi-Dahaka (AKA:  Dahag; Zahhak, depending upon dialect)  Literally "The Humungous Serpent"; child of Angra Mainyu, created to destroy Ahura-Mazda (to destroy light); obviously an animation of darkness.
-  Daevas (devils; demons; divas)

*The Mortals:
The Pishdadian Dynasty (a mythical dynasty) [source] - A Dynasty of 11 Suns!  (Parenthetically, this is the most detailed mythology of human history I have ever discovered and I am amazed by it!)
1 - Keyumars:  Literally "Life Mortal". 
He was considered the first human, but that cannot be possible, given the mythology surrounding this "Key" player.  He was the first Shah (king) of the mortals.  I think Keyumars is the personification of the FIRST SUN--the sun being used as the Mayans used it.  I.e., the first reign of the sun in our solar system during the first dispensation human occupation of planet Earth.  During his reign, humans were living in caves.  They learned to prepare food and developed the first laws.  That is why Keyumars is called the "law-bringer".  Humans also discovered religion, and began to worship Ahura-Mazda.  After a period of time (which is said to be 30 years, but I don't believe for a second), the daevas (devils) plunged the Earth into complete darkness (figuratively killing Keyumars).  Obviously, Keyumars represented the first sun, because when you kill somebody, the world doesn't plunge into complete darkness.  [Source for all my info on Keyumars].
2 - Hushang:  Literally "Good Choice". 
He was the second sun.  He went to war against the daevas (devils) and defeated them, bringing sunshine back to planet Earth.  During his reign as sun, humans discovered how to smelt iron and make tools of iron.  They learned agriculture, irrigation, and animal-husbandry.  They learned how to make clothing from animal furs.  Finally, they learned how to make fire from flint.  [Source for all my info on Hushang].
3 - Tahmuras:  Literally "Strong Body" [source]. 
Tahmuras was the third sun.  As he took the "reigns" (so to speak), the Earth was troubled again by many daevas (devils).  Tahmuras killed 1/3 of the daevas and imprisoned the rest of the 2/3rds.  And, Tahmuras made Angra-Mainyu (darkness) his slave.  During Tahmuras' reign, humans invented the spinning and weaving of wool, learned to domesticate chickens, how to store up fodder for livestock instead of merely grazing them, and how to train animals like dogs and falcons to hunt for them.  Finally, Tahmuras was killed by Angra-Mainyu, which in this story was a humongous dragon, which swallowed Tahmuras whole.  [Source for all my info on Tahmuras].
4 - Jamshid: Literally "Brilliant Sun" or "Radiant Sun". 
Jamshid was the fourth sun.  The first thing he did was get his father's body from Angra-Mainyu's body, by reaching right up his anus and pulling his father out.  Then, he gave his father a proper death rite.  During Jamshid's reign humans prospered, and the whole Earth was filled with people.  Ahura-Mazda then warned Jamshid about overpopulation.  So, Jamshid uses his dagger and split the Earth open and it grew bigger, making room for more people.  This happens two more times during Jamshid's reign.  [I see a correlation to the splitting of Pangea and science now confirms that Earth did grow bigger at the time of the breaking of pangea].  Finally, Ahura-Mazda warns Jamshid that the powers of darkness (Daevas and Azi-Dahaka) are planning to plunge the Earth into a deep, long, cold winter.  Jamshid created caverns in the Earth for the best of the humans to go into to wait out the long, cold winter.  [I see a correlation to an ice age].  [Source for all my info on Jamshid].
5 - Zahhak (Azi-Dahaka) ruled for a while.  I guess it was a long ice age.  [Did Earth revolve around the red-sun for a while?]
6 - Fereydun (AKA:  Traitaunas) was the sixth sun.  At the beginning of this reign, He defeated the dragon-demon Azi-Dahaka and imprisoned him inside a mountain called Damavand, which is the tallest mountain in the Alborz Range, which is located at the center of our universe.  [This, of course, means that the red sun was sent far out into space].  [Source for all my info on Fereydun].
7 - Iraj (from whom Iran gets its name) Literally, "Nobel One". 
He was the seventh sun.  He didn't rule long, because his brothers killed him.  The kingdom was divided.  [Could this mean that the solar system was split between the two suns?  Did the red sun take some of our planets?]  [Source for info on Iraj].  [Science has proven that planet swapping can occur].
8 - Manuchekhr was the eighth sun, and he avenged his father, Iraj, by killing Iraj's brothers, who killed Iraj.  [...regained the stolen planets?  Is that why we have the asteroid belt?]  [source].
9 - Nowar was the nineth sun.  He was warned by his father to be a humble ruler, but he became very greedy and overtaxed his subjects.  [What does this mean?!  Did it get too hot?]  [Source]
10 - Zaav had a short reign.  Not much is known.  [Source].
11 - Garshasp (AKA:  Keresaspa, Kirsasp, depending upon dialect) is probably the most famous of all the suns.  He fought at least two dragon-demons (that I know of) and won!  In the end, Garshasp succumbs to black magic, no doubt inspired by the daevas.  It is prophesied that Garshasp will be resurrected at the end of the world and defeat Azi-Dakaha for good!  [source].


In the Avesta, it attests that in the end-times, the Earth will get so hot that metal in the mountains will actually melt, and flow like rivers.  BUT, it is written in the Avesta that the righteous have nothing to fear.  To them the heat will feel as if bathing in warm milk.  It is only the unrighteous who have anything to fear.

This cleansing of the Earth of all unrighteousness and all bad things, is called "FRASHOKERETI," Literally "Making Paradise".  After Azi-Dahaka is defeated, the Earth will be cleansed and receive its paradisiacal glory!  [source].

COMMENTS & CONCLUSIONS:  I attribute the figurative death of each sun to the red sun.  It could mean an eclipse of the sun, or some other phenomenon that happens each time the red sun comes around.  There is scientific evidence to suggest that when two binary stars reach perihelion, their gravity is so strong that they attract each other's light, putting the planets in darkness, and there is evidence that when two binary stars reach perihelion, material can be exchanged between the two.  [source].

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that humans were alive when the continents split.  This is the second source that I know of that attests to this.  The other was the Bible, which reads, "And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg; because in his days the earth was divided: and his brother's name was Joktan."  (First Chronicles 1:19).  So, either the mythology is wrong, or the science is wrong, and I'm going with the science is wrong.  There is no way that the continents divided 300 million years ago.  There's another possibility, and that is that humans have been on this planet for a lot longer than 300 million years, which I doubt.  You cannot date rocks, so the science is all just a guess.  I'm going with recorded history.  BUT, I don't believe human timelines either.  By their timelines, the Earth is only 6,000 years old.  Honestly, I think that they are both wrong.  So, I don't look at the timing, just the sequence of events.

Greek Myth

(picture is in the public domain)

(3)  Greek Myth  (Typhon)

So, all of the other ancient civilizations have recorded major past events that affected the whole world.  For instance, most have recorded the great deluge.  I thought that the Greeks (who were also great record-keepers) should have recorded something about the last time the red sun came around.  It is recorded in the myth of Typhon!

The Players:
Zeus:  King of the gods, his name etymologically related to Deus which means Day or Daylight, (source).  Therefore, I attest that he is the personification of LIGHT.
Zeus's children: all represented luminous heavenly bodies, mostly avatars of the sun [source:  me, Leon].  It was deduced by logic.  If Zeus was the personification of LIGHT, then it only follows to reason that his children would be avatars of that light.
Apollo:  As one of Zeus' children, Apollo represents the sun, but interestingly, Apollo represents the sun as BOTH healer and destroyer.  His arrows can either heal, or cause plague.
Gaia:  Gaia has erroneously been called mother Earth.  That is an error.  Truthfully, Gaia is the mother of mother Earth.  Gaia represents all solid and liquid matter in the universe.  As far as I can tell (and I have looked hard) there is no god or goddess that represents mother Earth in any of the mythologies.  In the Greek mythology, Gaia is Zeus' grandmother.  Are you telling me that Earth preceded the god of LIGHT?  Wrong!  
Tartarus:  Personification of DARKNESS of space, but not just that, but the deepest, darkest part of the DARKNESS of space.
Typhon:  Typhon is most likely the origin of the word Typhoon, (source), which is said to mean "Whirlwind".  Typhon was the child of Gaia and Tartarus.  Gaia (one of the primordial deities) mated with her step-brother Tartarus (also a primordial deity) to procreate a demon (half humanoid, half serpentine, with wings).  It was considered to be the most terrible of all monsters ever created.

The Plot:

Gaia gave a prophecy to Zeus.  She said that his wife Metis, would bare a daughter and a son; and that the son would overthrow him.  To prevent this prophecy from coming to pass, Zeus ate Metis (after she turned into a fly, of course).  Athena was in her mother's womb at the time and kept growing and growing.  Zeus was is such pain that he asked Hephaestus to hit his head with an ax and when his head split open, Athena jumped out already fully grown, clad in armor.  She was the goddess of cunning, especially in wartime, and that's why she played a role in Homer's poems.  So, the son was never born and the prophecy was thwarted...

    ...or was it???  Duh, duh, duh!  [source].

Norse Myth

Tyr and Fenrir, by John Bauer, 1911
(This picture is in the public domain).

(4)  Norse Myth (Fenrir)

The Players:
- Wodin / Odin:  King of the gods.  Called the "All Father".  I contend that his name Wodin means Wisdom, because he is the god of Light and Wisdom.  He's missing one of his eyes, because he gave it to Mimmir's Bruun (the Knowledge Caldron), which I believe is property of the thee fates.
- Thur / Thor:  Son of Odin.  Personification of the Sun.  (His death is prophesied at the end of the world; Ragnarok.)
- Baldr / Balder:  Son of Odin.  Personification of the Sun in winter.  (His death was winter solstice, and his resurrection was the rising of the sun thereafter.)
- Vidarr / Vidar:  Son of Odin.  Personification of the Sun.  (He plays a role in the end times.)
- Loki:  Literally "Wildfire".  Personification of Entropy, and generally all things bad/evil.
- Jormungandr:  Loki's child.  A serpent big enough to encircle the entire world.  Animation of darkness.
- Fenrir:  Loki's child.  A wolf big enough to eat the sun.  A really nasty creature that causes destruction in the universe. (Interestingly, this is one of the few, if not the only animation of the red sun that isn't red.)
- Twi / Tyr / Tue:  God of War.

Background Info: RE: Disinfo...
The Avengers Movies have totally screwed up the mythology.  You could call it artistic license.  I call it disinfo.

*  SIF
In the movies Sif is just a comrade of Thor.  In reality, Thor is married to Sif.  Thor is the personification of the sun, and his sister-wife, Sif, is the personification of the moon.  And she is supposed to have blonde hair!!!!  In the movies, she has black hair.  Both Thor and Sif are supposed to have blonde hair, representing the light of the sun.  In one of the myths, Loki cut off Sif's hair while she was sleeping.  This represents the NEW MOON.

In the movie, there is a character named "Hela".  She is portrayed as Wodin's daughter.  In reality, she is not.  She is Loki's daughter.  Loki had three children by his first wife, Angrbotha.  They were:  Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungandr.  That's right, Hela's real name is Hel, and she is the guardian of the Underworld, and only she has the key to the gates of Hel.  



Loki (Wildfire)

 + Consort =

Six Children

+ Angrbotha + Angrbotha + Angrbotha + Sigyn + Svathilfari
Hel Fenrir Jormungandr Narfi / Nari Sleipnir
Hel (Loki's daughter) was banished to the Underworld by Wodin for her naughtiness;  and she was allowed to rule the Underworld.  She alone holds the key to the gate to the Underworld. Frenrir was a wolf of voracious appetite.  He had to be bound by the gods (Aesirs).  Twi/Tyr/Tue (the god of war) sacrificed his arm to Frenrir, so that the gods could get the chain around Frenrir's neck. Jormungandr was a serpent so BIG that it could encircle the whole world with his body and still have left over to swallow his own tail.  It is waiting (for the time being) at the bottom of the ocean until the end of days when there will be an epic battle between Thor and Jormungandr. There is confusion as to whether Narfi and Nari are the same character or two (brothers).  I don't think it really matters.  The point is that one of the brothers is killed and his entrails are used to bind Loki (as punishment from the gods). Loki transformed himself into a mare and mated with the stallion, Svathilfari, in order to give birth to the eight-legged horse, Sleipnir.

Sleipnir was Odin's steed.  It was the fastest steed in the universe and was able to convey his rider even into the gates of Hel!

Interpretation Interpretation Interpretation Interpretation Interpretation
Hel is merely the personification of the afterlife....

AKA:  The spirit world.

I believe that Fenrir is the animation of the red sun, which appears to be in the mythology of all ancient cultures on this planet. Jormungandr is clearly the animation of darkness, which I believe represents the sun being in eclipse (when Jormungandr covers the Earth, blocking out the sun's light). Loki represents chaos and entropy in the universe.

Loki (entropy) is, at times, stifled or hindered by creation; especially when creation is done out of love.  Frigga represents love and Wodin represents light.  The union of love and light is what enables creation of all that is good in this universe.

Sleipnir literally goes the speed of light, because Wodin is light.  Nothing goes faster than the speed of light.


The Plot:  Ragnarok (i.e., the REAL Ragnarok)
Ragnarok means...
Ragna = gods' + Rok = end  (Source)

This is a prophecy of the end of the gods and the end of the world.  Jormungandr will battle with Thor and win.  That means that the sun will be darkened.  Also, Fenrir (the red sun; binary sun in our solar system) will break loose of his chains and devour Odin (god of LIGHT).  That means that the world will be in darkness and chaos will ensue.  Scientifically, this IS possible.  Astronomers will tell you that when two binary suns reach perihelion, the gravity is so strong that light of the suns are directed towards each other, creating darkness

Vidarr (Wodin's son, and personification of the sun) will take revenge on Fenrir and figuratively kill Fenrir.  That means that the Sun will come back, i.e., light will come back to the world.  Then, Sutr and the sons of muspelheim will burn the world with fire.  The Norse mythology doesn't say if there will be any survivors, but I'm sure there will be some.

Please Note:  Fenrir keeps going through a cycle of causing havoc, and then the gods chain him up, and he breaks loose, and then the cycle repeats.  One time, Tue (the god of war; after whom Tue'sDay is named) lost an arm to Fenrir, while putting the chains on Fenrir.  Finally, the gods asked the elves to forge a chain that Fenrir will not break and he's been chained up ever since.  However, there is a prophecy that eventually he will get loose of even those chains.  He's coming back, people.  This time Fenrir and Jormungandr will gang up on the world!!!!

Post Script
Balder is not part of this narrative.  His story is that of the sun during winter solstice.  To learn more, click here.

Mongolian Myth


(5)  Myth of the Mongols (Atai Ulaan)

The Players:
- Khormasta:  King of the White Tenger (hosts of heaven).  Personification of the Sun.
- 55 White Tenger:  I believe that these represent the 5 known planets of the Sun. (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).
- Atai Ulaan:  Literally, "Envious Red".  The personification of the red sun, and king of the black heavens.
- 44 Black Tenger:  I believe that these represent the 4 planets of the red sun.  (Photo that I took)
- Arkhan:  A dragon, representing darkness.
- King Gesar:  a god incarnate who helps the humans rebuild and survive after the destruction caused by Atai Ulaan.

The Plot:
So, Atai Ulaan is the personification of the red sun.  He even has red in his name.  The Epic of King Gesar is a story of the last time that Atai Ulaan came.  This is what happened.  First the waters turned to "blood".  Then, they dried up, causing desertification.  They dried up, because it got really, really hot.  Most of the crops and plants died, causing famine, starvation and death to a lot of humans and animals.  This resulted in maggots and stench, due to the black, rotting flesh.  This resulted in disease and plagues.  Furthermore, there were all kinds of natural disasters, like:  earthquakes, thunder storms, hail, and shakings in the sky.  Finally, economic mayhem resulted.  Sometime during all of this, Arkhan swallowed the sun and moon, causing eclipses.

Sounds a lot like what's beginning to happen now, doesn't it?

The Epic of King Gesar continues to say that after all the mayhem and destruction, a god incarnated as King Gesar, who helped the humans rebuild and survive.  This story is not a prophecy.  As far as the Mongols are concerned it is over, and will never happen again, because Khormasta's son cut Atai Ulaan to pieces.  But, I assure you that it will happen again.  Learn more here.

Hebrew Prophecy


(6)  Hebrew Prophecy (Great Red Dragon)

The Players:
- Michael:  Literally, "He who is like God."  The personification of the sun.  [Woodwell, 2016].
- A Great Red Dragon:  The personification of the red sun.
- Angels:  Personifications of celestial bodies.
- The BEAST:  A giant bear-footed BLACK PANTHER = chaos, storms, and war. [source of interpretation]
- The Woman:  the woman is righteous humans (collectively).  [See Rev. 12:17].
- The Son:  represents the children (collectively) of the righteous humans.
- The Lamb:  Jesus Christ returning for his Bride.


The Great Red Dragon

The Plot:
There was a war in heaven.  (Note:  heaven = skies).  First off, the great red dragon took 1/3 of the stars of heaven with his tail.  {I attest that this means that the red sun took 1/3 of the planets in the solar system.  The red sun has four planets (I've seen them).  The sun has eight planets.  Four out of twelve is exactly 1/3rd of the planets.}  Michael and his angels (i.e., the sun and its 8 planets) battled against the dragon and his angels (i.e., the red sun and its 4 planets).  Michael (the sun) prevailed, but the red dragon and his angels were cast towards mother Earth.  The dragon spewed water out of its mouth to flood the Earth to persecute the "woman" (the "bride" of Christ).  But, the Earth helped the "woman" (the "bride" of Christ), by swallowing up the flood.  [Note:  there were certainly be some casualties of the innocent].

When the dragon comes, he brings heat--lots and lots of heat.  Scientists will tell you that when the two suns of a binary system approach perihelion, things heat up.  Heat causes more evaporation.  More evaporation produces more condensation (clouds).  More clouds produce more rain.

In the past year (continuing to even now), our planet has seen record heat, record fires, and record rainfall.  (Source: Jason A.'s YouTube video).  Even as I am writing this, the dragon is spewing water out of its mouth on my domicile.  But, you will notice that the Earth swallows up the floods.  That is not always the case, but in general, we are seeing more earthquakes, actual splitting of landmasses, and record numbers of sinkholes, all over the planet.

The First Beast

Original Artist

Review:  I really like the original artist's work, mostly because I really like panthers.  The panther above is a black leopard.  I took artistic license and edited the original to fit my needs.  Please support the original artist by visiting his website.

Then came the BEAST.  The BEAST was described by John the Revelator as a leopard with bear feet and mouth of a lion.  I looked up the original Greek and the actual translation should be a black panther (source) with the feet of a bear and mouth of a lion.  In that region of the world, the black panther symbolized chaos, storms, and war, especially at that time, (source).  Using my own brain, I would say that the feet of the bear symbolizes the sure-footedness of the chaos, storms, and war.  Again, using my own brain, I would say that the mouth of the lion symbolizes the ferocity of the chaos, storms, and war.  I've not seen this often, but it appears that John was combining three different metaphors together into one.  However, it is not surprising that the BEAST represents what it represents (as described above), because from my years of research that's exactly what monsters tend to represent, i.e., chaos, storms, and war.

There is a lot of speculation going on out there about the meaning of the 7 heads and the 10 horns/crowns.  At first, I thought that the 7 heads represented the 7 continents and the 10 horns, ten kingdoms; but I got to thinking lately that John didn't know that there were 7 continents; and there are a lot more than 10 countries.  So, I came up with a new hypothesis.  I now think that each head represented a different type of calamity.  Here is a suggestion:
Head #1:  (1 horn): Rain-floods
Head #2:  (1 horn): Hail (big hail--the kind that damages crops and kills livestock)
Head #3:  (1 horn): Meteorites hitting the Earth
Head #4:  Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons: (1 horn, because they are all the same thing).
Head #5:  (3 horns): Plagues, Pestilence, Disease
Head #6:  (2 horns): Increased tectonic activity (earthquakes and volcanism)
Head #7:  (1 horn):  Wars and rumors of wars
That makes 7 heads and 10 horns.

"What about the wounded head?" you ask.  Yep.  One of the heads of the beast was wounded, but then healed.  I take this to mean that one of the plagues was thwarted.  But, another one will take its place.

Then, it says that the great red dragon gave the beast its power and authority.  That makes perfect sense, because as the great red dragon (red sun) approaches closer and closer to Earth, the chaos and storms increase in intensity.  War is a natural outcome of lack.  Many countries are considering going to war right now due to lack of resources due to the natural calamities befalling them.  I could name some, but I'll just let you do your research on that.

After that, it says that people will start worshipping the dragon, which gave power to the beast, and they started worshipping the beast.  I looked up the original Greek and it says that "worship" means to bow down, kiss the hand of one; (source).  So, people will begin to love chaos more than order.  They will love war more than peace.  They will "bow down" to the mask mandates, instead of listening to reason.  They will "bow down" to the false science, and reject the real science.  (Does any of this sound familiar?)


Whenever it says in the Bible, "If any man hath an ear to hear, let him hear," you know it means that you need to read between the lines.  You can't take anything at face value, and John had to write cryptically so that his writings would survive to this day--so that you and I could read them, and be warned.  If John had written plainly, the evil Earthly powers would not have allowed his writings to remain in the canon. 


The coming of the second beast does not mean that the first beast is gone.  No, no, no!  On the contrary, it is the second beast that makes people "worship" (revere) the first beast, which of course continues to wreak havoc on the world.  I take that to mean that the second beast will want everyone to revere the "mostly peaceful" chaos, the storms, the droughts, the plagues, etc.  It will want people to keep wearing their masks, and get shots, and stuff like that.

The second beast has two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon.  If we look at the context, we know that the second beast deals with the economy.  And, certainly our economy has been deeply affected by the first beast.  I think that the two horns represent two things:  (1) buying and (2) selling.

The BIG problem is that the second beast wants everyone to get a mark (commonly referred to as "the mark of the beast") in either their right hand or in their forehead.  It says that the beast will not allow anyone to buy or sell who doesn't have the mark of the beast.  This is, of course, deeply concerning to all those who are familiar with the prophecy.  I think we need to keep this in perspective.  I'm pretty sure it means that no one will be allowed to buy THEIR stuff unless one has the mark.  And there is a dire consequence meted out by the beast:
(a) death to those who refuse to bow down to the false science,  (not that nefarious ones will kill you; no! Rather, the false "prophets" (of the false science) will say that you will die if you don't comply with the mask and shot regulations.
(b) no buying of selling for those who refuse to bow down to the false science.

Let's look at this so-called "mark" more figuratively than literally, because I do NOT think that the mark is a literal mark.  Here's what I found out.

The right hand = spiritual devotion; (as all sacramental rites were to be performed with the right hand).  [source].
The forehead = allegiance. (source).

Devotion to what exactly?  Allegiance to what exactly?  Well, those who bow down to the false "prophets" of the false science and give allegiance to the false "prophets", they are the ones who will wear their masks and get their shots, and they will be allowed to do stuff, like buy food and travel.  The rest of us, will not be allowed.

Clearly John is describing our day!  John says that this insidiousness will go on for 3 and a half years.  Well, it started around January of 2020.  So, we'll have to endure this crap until mid 2024.

REVELATION 14 and the 144,000 on Mt SION

First of all, what is MOUNT SION?

MOUNT SION (AKA:  Mount Zion) is God's abode, also known as the heavens. [Sources: Isaiah 8:18, Psalms 74:2, Psalms 76:2, and many others].
There is a very interesting correlation to other faiths:  (Just like Mt Sumer in the Hindu religion, and Mt Olympus in the Greek mythology).

John then sees 144,000 virgin men standing on MT SION, which means that they will be seen in the sky.  I attest that they are merely personifications of the stars in heaven.  Anyone who preaches that you have to be a part of the 144,000, is teaching a false doctrine.  Anyone who suggests that the 144,000 are humans, is teaching a false doctrine.  They could be angels, but in this case, I believe that the angels are merely personifications of the stars and/or meteors.


Babylon (AKA:  Mystery Babylon) is a metaphor for a modern-day country--a very wicked country in the latter days.  People argue with me saying that the Bible calls it a city.  But, those people do not understand that back in those days there were city-states.  Each city was a freakin' country, bruh!  That's what you get for not paying attention in history.

There has been a lot of speculation about which country BABYLON could be.  Some people say it is USA.  I say it is China, but I admit that there is a possibility that it could be USA.  I flip-flop between the two.  With the current direction that our country is headed, I'm actually starting to lean towards it being the U.S.A.

I have made a video (on YouTube) explaining why I think that MYSTERY BABYLON is China.  FYI.

Anyways some great and wicked country is going to fall.  John neglects to tell us exactly how it falls, but he says it falls in one day.  It must be something catastrophic that makes a great country fall in a single day.

The Reaper
(Graphic by me, Leon)


Then, comes a mass harvest of souls.
First, the Reaper appears in the clouds.  Then, an angel announces, "Let the harvest begin."  (I'm paraphrasing.)

The metaphor of treading the winepress is used.  Wine is a common metaphor for blood, and "treading the winepress" means that there is going to be a lot of bloodshed.  Many, many people will die in BABYLON.  (It's definitely not talking about Iraq, trust me.  If you don't trust me, do your own research.  Mystery Babylon is described in great detail in Revelation 17.)

Again, I reiterate, John neglects to tell us what causes all the bloodshed, but the angels are ready to harvest the souls that will pass over to the "other side".  So many people die in a single day.


... and the Mazzaroth


John then sees the 4 beasts and the 24 elders.  This is called the Mazzaroth in Hebrew.  The 4 beasts can be seen in the center circle surrounding He that sitteth on the throne of heaven (God).  There are also 24 stars in that circle.  Through my intense research, I have come to understand that those 4 beasts are interpreted as follows:
lion = Leo
calf = Taurus
man = Aquarius
eagle = Aquila

The 24 elders represent the 24,000 years of the Great Year (also known as the precession of the equinoxes, where the sun passes through all the signs of the zodiac).  Modern scientists will tell you that it takes 25,800 years to accomplish a full precession.  What the scientists did not account for is the red sun!  As the red sun gets closer and closer, time speeds up, because of gravitational forces.  How were the ancients smarter than we are today?!

Please see my YouTube video on the Mazzoroth (and turn up the volume full blast or you won't be able to hear it).

The Marriage of the Lamb.

Source of photo

This iconography is familiar to all Christians.  The Lamb represents Jesus Christ.  His marriage to His Bride happens at the end of the world.  His Bride is His people, collectively.  (Or as I interpret it, all the righteous people).  It basically means that the end is finally come.

The Appearance of the Red Sun


(Graphic by me, Leon, 2021)
"The One With No Name"
Faithful and True
The Word of God
King of Kings
Lord of Lords

This is where the red sun actually is seen in the sky and reaches its most destructive point of passing planet Earth.
His vesture is dipped in blood (meaning that it is red).
He rides a white horse (signifying nobility).
Out of his eyes comes fire (meaning it will get really, really hot; there will be solar flares and coronal mass ejections).
A sword comes out of his mouth (meaning many will perish, including the beast and the false prophet).
John says that it has a name, but no one will know his name, except only him.
Therefore, he will be called, "Faithful and True."  (because he WILL come; there's no stopping him).
John calls him: "The Word of God."  (i.e., the fulfillment of the word of God).
On his thigh, this is written:  "KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS."  (in his arrogance and pride).

Because of all these epithets, your mainstream Christian assumes that it is Jesus coming back to destroy his enemies, but that doesn't make sense.  Jesus is the Lamb.  He wouldn't hurt a fly.  We learn the identity of this vicious beast in the next chapter.


An angel, (and I'm pretty sure this is Michael) comes with a chain and binds the red dragon and throws him into the bottomless pit (i.e., space).  He will be loosed after 1000 years.  See?!  The identity of the red fiend on the white horse is the great red dragon!

Jesus is loving; He is called the Lamb of God.  /  The great read dragon calls himself the KING OF KINGS.
Jesus is humble; He came riding on an ass.  /  The great red dragon comes on a white horse.
Jesus comes back to marry his bride.  /  The great red dragon comes to tread the winepress.

Mayan Cosmological Myth

Mayan Cosmology (7-Macaw)

The Players
- Hunahpu and Xblanque:   (Sun & Moon) "The Hero Twins"
- Seven-Macaw:   is a demon, in the form of a bird.  There is some controversy about the translation.  7-Macaw might not actually be a macaw.  There is some evidence that it might actually be a vulture.  I like the idea of the vulture better, only because macaws are such beautiful birds.  Why would the ancients make such a beautiful bird symbolize a demon?
- Itzamna:  bad guy; sometimes associated with 7-Macaw.  A shapeshifter: sometimes alligator, sometimes bird.
- Xibabla:   Commonly translated as the "Underworld"; But, refers to the darkness of space.  It is that dark spot at the center of our Milky Way.
- Lord Xibalba:   is obviously the King of the so-called "Underworld" (Kind of like "Dark Lord").

The Plot
It's a long, long story (in the Polpo Vuh).  But, suffice it to say that the hero twins were invoked to kill 7-Macaw because he had perched on one of the world trees and was pretending to be the sun and moon, having had adorned himself with all kinds of shiny stones and metals and jewelry and such.  7-Macaw is said to have been very presumptuous and haughty (reminiscent of Atai Ulaan of the Mongolian myth of King Gesar).

I believe that this happened right after the real sun (the twins' father) had been "killed" in Xibalba by Lord Xibalba and the other dark gods.  After the hero twins kill 7-Macaw, they become the new sun and moon.

Comparison of Themes

       The Mongolian Atai Ulaan ("Envious Red") is so haughty to think that it has the right / entitlement to rule the solar system; so much so that it goes to war against Khormasta (the white sun).  The Mayan 7-Macaw is so haughty.  It presumes to be the sun, after the sun is "killed" by Xibalba (darkness).  The Hebrew No-Named-One (likened unto a red dragon), calls himself the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Faithful and True; and comes riding a white horse, symbolizing his "claim" to nobility (i.e., to rule the solar system).


- Mongolian Myth:  Atai Ulaan (red sun)     - 4 subjects (but wants all)
                                Khormasta (white sun) - 5 subjects {Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (all the known planets)} 

- Hebrew Myth:      Red Dragon (red sun)   - 4 subjects (one third) {Also, wants all}
                                Michael (white sun)     - 8 subjects (two thirds) {Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, comets}

       There was a war in heaven!

  The Light The Good The Bad The Ugly Results of the previous War
Mesopotamian Anu
(King of Heaven; Light)
(Yellow-white sun)
(Dragon of Darkness)
(Mushussu is a creation of Tiamat; Mushussu is a red dragon that represents the red sun.)
Mushussu subdued by Marduk
Persian Ahura Mazda
(Light & Wisdom)
Spenta Mainyu Angra Mainyu Azi-Dahaka
(dragon of destruction; which I believe is the red sun)
Death of the Sun; a New Sun takes its place.
Greek Zeus
(Yellow-white sun)
(personification of entropy)
(personification of darkness)
(The most hideous and destructive of all monsters; created by Gaia & Tartarus.  I believe this may represent the red sun).
(Serpent-dragon of darkness; defeated by Apollo everyday at sunrise.)
Great Storms and Plagues on Earth
Norse Wodin
(Wisdom & Light)
3 Suns/Sons of Wodin:

Thor (sun)
Baldr (sun)
Vidarr (sun)

(personification of entropy & destruction)
(Wolf of destruction; I believe Fenrir is the red sun).
(Serpent of darkness; defeated by Thor everyday at sunrise.)
Tue lost a hand last time.  This time Wodin dies, Thor dies, and Vidarr takes their place.
Mongolian Esege Malan



(personification of entropy & destruction)
Atai Ulaan
(Personification of the red sun.)
Arkhan Chutgur
(dragon of darkness)
Five Times it has happened.  Atai Took 4/9ths of the planets the first time.  The Last time, most humans died.  Some survived by the help of King Gesar.
Hebrew The Word
(Lit. "He who is like God;" and God is Light.  Michael is the sun).
The Bottomless Pit;
Outer Darkness
Red Dragon 1st time:  The red dragon took 1/3rd of the planets.
2nd time:  The Earth was divided in the days of Peleg.
3rd time:  Noah's Flood.
4th time:  10 Plagues of Egypt
Mayan Grandfather/
The Sun Xibalba
7-Macaw 7-Macaw defeated.  The Twin sons of The Sun became the new sun and the moon.


Egyptian Myth



...turned into...


     Source:  Book of the Divine Cow

Egyptian Book of the Divine Cow explains what happened at the time of the ten plagues of Egypt.  Apparently, Ra (the top god) had had enough of the wickedness of the Egyptians and turned his docile daughter, Hathor (The Divine Cow)--signified by a red sun with bovine horns, into Sekhmet (A Lioness)--also signified by a red sun, but without the horns.  The Hathor red sun was docile and relatively harmless to humans, but when Hathor turned into Sekhmet, a rampage of death inspired by her blood-lust took place in Egypt accompanied by many plagues.  Finally, Ra felt that Sekhmet had done enough damage and told her to stop, but she wouldn't stop.  So, he filled the Nile with blood and beer.  The blood was bait, and the beer was to intoxicate her and make her so drunk that she would fall asleep and turn back into Hathor.

Hindu Prophecy


In Hindu writings, there is prophecized to come a man, whose prophetic title is Kalki, the last incarnation of Vishnu.  His real name is, of course, unknown.  Kalki is just a title, like Messiah.  Kalki is always depicted riding a white horse.  The color of his skin is sometimes peach-color, sometimes blue.  I think the blue skin color represents the sky, from which those with the blue skin color come.  Notice the apparel.  Kalki is almost always depicted with a red cape or some kind of red apparel.  I think this represents the red sun.  Kalki is written to come wielding a flaming sword, but is seldom depicted with the sword aflame.  I think that the flaming sword represents the heat that will be coming off the red sun when it gets close to our planet.  Possibly, there were will be solar flares from our sun as well, caused by the red sun's proximity to the sun.

Kalki, as a man, is written to rid the world of the wicked and institute a new so-called "Golden Age" of peace and prosperity.  But, what if Kalki isn't actually a man.  He certainly cannot be the incarnation of Vishnu, because Vishnu, like his brothers Brahma and Shiva, are merely personifications of natural principles, or forces of nature.  Vishnu is the preserver.  But, preserver of what, I ask.  Are we to understand that Vishnu, when "incarnated" as Kalki, will preserve only the righteous?  Or is he to preserve justice?  Or is he to preserve Mother Earth?  Or is he to preserve all that is good in the universe?  I cannot answer those questions.  One thing I can tell you.  Kalki will not be a man.

The Buddhists have a similar prophecy, and they call their messiah, Maitreya.  The Tibetan Buddhists call him Rigden Jyepo.  Whatever you call him, mark my words, he is not a man; but rather a red sun.


Tibetan Myth/Prophecy


Honestly, I've been looking a long time to find information about pre-Buddhism Tibetan mythology / religion on the web; But, there just isn't much information out there in cyberspace.  I'm convinced that the Tibetan monks know a lot more than they are telling.  However, I recently came across the pre-Tibetan-Buddhist religion of Bon.  Bon (or Bonpo, as it is now referred to) was the original religion of Tibet, before Buddhism was introduced.  It has origins in Elam (modern-day Iran), where Zoroastrianism was the original religion.  Their most ancient document was written in Elamic Aramaic.  (Interesting!)

From Bon, I learned of the Tsen.  Keep in mind that Tsen is also a type of meditation that the Tibetan Buddhists do.  I'm not talking about that Tsen.  I'm writing about the Tsen Spirits.  They are said to live in the heavens.  They are red, riding red horses, and they are wrathful creatures.  They shoot arrows at humans who disturb them, causing illness and death.  Notice the red flames surrounding the creature pictured above.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Could the Tsen represent the red sun in our solar system?  I think so.

Tibetan writings also indicate the following:  By the end, the world will have been destroyed 4 times.  The first was by Earthquake, when all the continents were divided.  The second was by flood.  The third will be by fire (yet to come).  And, the last, which will destroy the entire universe, will be by wind.


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To be continued.