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Definition of onomatopoeia:  {Derived from > Greek:  onomato (word; name) + poeia (compose; make)}
= Onomatopoeia is a word, which is composed of SOUNDS

PLEASE NOTE:  Interjections have moved to their OWN PAGE.

What is the difference between Onomatopoeia and Interjections?

Onomatopoeia = sounds with no meaning;  Interjections = sounds with meaning.

Examples of Onomatopoeia

Examples of Onomatopoeia Meaning Table of Contents

sound of somebody hitting somebody with something.  

Animal Onomatopoeia

Thing Onomatopoeia

Human Onomatopoeia

sound of the air (wind) made when someone swings his/her arm, but doesn't hit anything.

sound of somebody hitting somebody.
The Onomatopoeia Song

x x x
Animal Onomatopoeia Other Stuff
ass (see donkey) X Animal Song
bear growl / grrr Animal Song
bee buzzzzz (buzz) Animal Song
bird (small) tweet, tweet Animal Song
cat meow / purr Animal Song
chicken cluck, cluck / bwok, bwok Animal Song
cock (see rooster) X Animal Song
cow moo Animal Song
crow / raven caw, caw Animal Song
dog (small) arf, arf  /  growl  /  grrrr Animal Song
dog (medium) ruff, ruff  /  growl  /  grrrr Animal Song
dog (large) woof, woof  /  growl  /  grrr Animal Song
donkey hee, haw Animal Song
duck quack quack Animal Song
eagle screech Animal Song
elephant pawoo Animal Song
frog ribbit Animal Song
goat baa, baa Animal Song
goose honk honk Animal Song
horse neigh Animal Song
horse feet klopp, klopp X
lion roar Animal Song
monkey oo-oo-oo Animal Song
mouse squeak, squeak Animal Song
owl Hoo, hoo Animal Song
pig oink oink Animal Song
puss (see cat) X Animal Song
rabbit (jumping) thumpety thump Animal Song
rooster cock-a-doodle-doo Animal Song
sheep baa, baa Animal Song
snake hiss Animal Song
tiger roar Animal Song
turkey gobble, gobble Animal Song
wolf howl Animal Song
x x  
Things / Inanimate Objects Onomatopoeia Other Stuff
alarm clock sounding off brrring  /  rriinngg (ring)  
balloon popping POP!  
base music Boom, boom, pow Black Eyed Peas
bell ding dong Crazy Frog Song
bomb exploding BOOM! Onomatopoeia Video
breaking stick snap  
bubbles (tiny bubbles)
in your soda drink
fizz, fizz Plop, plop, fizz, fizz song
bubble (soap bubble)
pip  /  bip  
bubble gum popping POP!  
cash register cha-ching  
clock tick tock, tick tock The Clock Song

Sesame Street Martians Meet a Clock

coins falling dink, dink  
car crashing crash  
car engine vroom  
car going by quickly zoom Make cool onomatopoeia
car horn beep, beep / honk, honk Onomatopoeia Video
car starting or stopping quickly
(laying rubber)
computer mouse click  
door (noisy door) squeak / creak  
door bell ding dong  
door slamming SLAM!  
firecracker BANG! Onomatopoeia Video
fireworks BANG, POP, Crackle  
frying sizzle  
gun BANG!  
Rice Krispies (in milk) Snap, Crackle, Pop! Rice Krispies Commercial
rocket ?  
springing sound boing Make cool onomatopoeia
squashing sound squash / squish  
squirt bottle / squirt gun squirt, squirt  
switch click Onomatopoeia Video
table tennis ping pong Onomatopoeia Video
telephone ringing rrring (ring) / brrring Sesame Street Telephone
thunder rumble / boom / crash  
toilet flushing flush Onomatopoeia Video
train chugga chugga / choo choo Choo Choo Train Song
train's horn Choo, Choo / Whoo, Whoo  
drip drop / whoit Make cool onomatopoeia
(something big falling into or hitting water)
splish  /  splash Splish Splash Song
(something little falling into water)
plop  /  kerplop Plop, plop, fizz, fizz song
whip crack  
wine bottle opening POP! Onomatopoeia Video
zipper ziiiiiip (zip)  
Human Sounds Onomatopoeia Other Stuff
bumping sound BUMP!  /  THUMP!  
clearing throat er, hem  
eating chips crunch Make cool onomatopoeia
feet pitter patter  
heart lub-dub, lub-dub  
hitting metal
with something soft
hitting metal
with metal
hitting wood
with wood or metal
hitting wood or metal
with your knuckles
Knock, knock  
kiss smack (loud kiss)
muaa / mwaa (soft kiss)
passing gas (farting) toot  
punch POW!  
slapping whack / smack  
sleeping zzzzzzzz  
sniffing sniiiiiif (snif) / whif  
sneezing Ah-choo  
snoring ZZZZZZZ  
snorting snort Make cool onomatopoeia
talking (chit chat) chatter / bla, bla, bla metaphor: chatter box
talking (softly) mumble, mumble  
walking (loudly and slowly) STOMP, STOMP  
walking (quickly and softly) pitter patter  
walking in the mud squish, squish  
walking in a puddle slosh slosh   /   splish splash  
Mr. Brown Can Moo, by Dr. Seuss







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