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20 years overseas! Read about Leon's life overseas.


Mongolian Home

Leon's Main Pages монгол хэл English Description
English Learners оюутан, судлаач For learners/students ONLY
Expatriates эх орноо орхин явсан хүн, цагаачлагч For X-pats ONLY
Kids хүүхдүүд For kids ONLY
Schools сургууль Schools that teach foreign languages
Teachers багш For Teachers ONLY


Link монгол хэл English Description
A/B/C америкийн, Их Британийн, & Канадын англи хэл American/British/Canadian English compared & contrasted
About мэдээлэл;  түүх History of Leon's Planet (and a link to Leon's History) 
Advertising реклам Advertise on this website
Ancient Religions шашин Ancient Religions (Sacred Serpents, Sacred Trees, 2012)
BLOG ? My personal blog page of my life as an expatriate
Buddhism Буддийн шашин Buddhism for Dummies  (joke!)
Chants дуулал, дуу English Chants & chant-like songs (for teaching English)
Children's EFL / ESL хүүхдүүд Kids Have Fun Learning English (Games, Riddles, Rhymes, Songs, etc)
Chinese Lessons хятад хэл Basic Chinese [taught by Leon]
Color Words өнгө, зүс English words for various colors
Contact Info. холбоотой мэдээлэл There are various ways to contact me
Content-based Edu ? Content-based Education (in ESL/EFL)
Crazy English солиотой англи хэл some crazy things about English (English is CRAZY!)
Culture & Language соёл & хэл The relationship between culture and language
Dreams! зүүд Dream Interpretation
English Pedagogy английн сурган хүмүүжүүлэх ухаан A Glossary for Second Language Acquisition (SLA) [by Leon]
Essay эссе my personal essays on various topics
Favorite Links ? My favorite EFL/ESL links
Games английн тоглоом Have Fun in learning English!
Ghosts! буг You will believe!
Grammar хэл зүйн шинжлэх ухаан English Grammar, [by Leon]
Happiness аз жаргал how to find happiness
Health эрүүл мэнд may take on health issues
History of English английн түүх ...and History of Great Britain
Holidays баяр U.S. holidays
Humor инээдэм Humor, Jokes, Funny stories, Funny pictures, etc.
Intonation нөхцөл How to learn/teach it.
Irony өгөө, элэг доог, тохуу Irony has three meanings
Leon's Liquor Page ундаа Liquor English / Alcohol English
Morphemes үг Morphemes of the English language
Metaphors метафор English metaphors, metonymies, and other figures of speech
News шинэ мэдээ What's New?
Numerology тоогоор мэрэглэх Study of numbers and their meanings
Phono-Pronunciation дуудлага Phonics, Phonetics, Phonology
Phrasal Verbs хэлз. үйл үг Ai! Those infamous phrasal verbs!
Pics зураг Pics of myself and my son
Poetry яруу найраг English poetry (including my own)
Polysemy ? Words with multiple meanings
Proverbs зүйр үг English Sayings and Proverbs
Puns үгийн наадам Humorous English Puns
References заалт Online Reference Sites
Resume үр дүн my resume / my c.v.
Similes харьцуулалт, адилтгал Common English Similes
Slang слэнг, жаргон, хар ярианы үгс English slang, of course
Songs дуу English songs, of course  (Learn English Karaoke style!)
Synonyms ойролцоо утгатай үгс English Synonyms
Teachers багш Links for Teachers only
The Way ? Taoism
Tongue Twisters ? classics & originals [by Leon] Listen and repeat and time yourself.
UFO / ET / Cryptids үл танигдах нисдэг биет Don't you believe?
Vocabulary үгсийг цагаан толгойн дэс дараалалд оруулан бичих, тайлбар орчуулгыг хамт хадах, үгсийн сан Best way to improve!
Winter Solstice астр, нарны эрчимжилт Winter Solstice Traditions
Words from Other Lingos ? English from other languages
Written Exam туршилт, шалгалт TEST PREPARATION
X-mas/Yuletide Зул сарын баяр Christmas/Yuletide Page





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