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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Which is your religion?
A:  I do not think that any of the religions on this planet have all the information necessary for a complete understanding of God or how the universe works.  That's not to say that religions are bad.  If people would actually follow their religions, this would be a loving, peaceful world.

2.  How do you define "Spiritualist"?
A:  The term spiritualist is actually inadequate, but it is the best term that I could come up with.  I define myself as a person who is a spirit inhabiting a physical body.  We are all spirits inhabiting physical bodies.  That understanding qualifies me to be a "spiritualist".

3.  Why is the word "Spiritualist" inadequate?
A:  Because our spirit is a manifestation and not the beginning.  We did not begin as spirits.  We have come from a much more primal source.  A synonym for spirit could be consciousness.

4.  So, what you are saying is that consciousness is composed of more basic element(s)?
A:  Yes.  Everything is energy.  Consciousness is composed of a form of energy.  And that energy is called light and it is called love.  We, at the most basic and indivisible level, we are composed of love and light, which appear to be the same thing.

5.  Is there anything that is not composed of love/light?
A:  No.  Everything is composed of love and light.  If it were not so, it would cease to exist.

6.  Then what is "evil" composed of?
A:  Evil is a relative term.  The more "evil" something is, the less love and light there is in it.

7.  So, there is no such thing as "pure" evil.
A:  No, nothing of substance is "pure evil."  Pure evil would only exist in theory.  Theoretically, pure evil would be complete darkness and complete emptiness.  That would be 0 degrees Kelvin, which cannot be reached, even in the laboratory, it cannot be reached.  Therefore, since 0 degrees Kelvin does not exist, neither does "pure evil."  (I could be wrong on this.  Perhaps there is a place where 0 degrees Kelvin can be reached, and if so, that is where pure evil resides).

8.  So, are demons (evil spirits) a reality or not?
A:  They are some people's reality.  I've noticed that atheists never get bothered by evil spirits.  Why not?  Because they don't believe in them.  You have to believe in evil spirits for them to be a part of your reality.

9.  If evil spirits are a part of somebody's reality, can that person conquer the evil spirits?
A:  Yes.  I teach how that can be done.  Click here.

10.  Going back to spirits; how did one's spirit come into being?
A:  That's a good question.  Only God knows.  But, what I can tell you is that we are all a piece of God.  Psalms 82:6 reads, "Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."  Jesus quoted that scripture in John chapter 10.

11.  You mention "Jesus."  Do you believe in Jesus?
A:  I believe Jesus.  I believe every word that is reported to have come from his mouth.  He is arguably the greatest teacher this planet has ever had.

12.  So do you consider yourself a "Christian"?
A:  I am not a "Christian" in the way that it is defined by humankind.  I am a Christian in the sense that I believe Jesus Christ.

13.  Could you elaborate on that last statement?
A:  Sure.  I believe every word that the Master taught.  I do not believe that he is any more god than you or I are gods.  When Jesus was accused of blasphemy by making himself equal to God because he claimed that God was his father, Jesus responded thusly:  "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?"  Jesus was saying that we are all gods and children of the most High.  Jesus did not set himself upon a pedestal.  Rather, he made himself equal to all of us.  (John 10:34-36)  [And the irony is that today, I would be accused of blasphemy for that statement, but I am merely quoting the Nazarene himself.]

14.  By what power or authority do you claim to do what you do?
A:  Great question!  Thanks for asking!  I do not claim any power other than I am a child of God.  I do not claim any authority other than I am a child of God.

15.  So, what you are saying is that anybody can do what you do?
A:  Absolutely.  In fact, I aim to teach people how to do what I do.  And, was that not the Nazarene's aim as well?  Did he not say, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do."? (John 14:12)

16.  But, why you?
A:  I just want to share the things that I have spent a life-time learning, and the information that I have amassed.


And there's a lot more to learn...
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Near Death Experiences

Ancient Symbolism

The TAO of Leon

Encyclopedia Metaphysica

Exorcism 101 to Ph.D.

UFOs, ET, Cryptids


The Secret Behind the Secret






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