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Welcome to Leon's Planet !

The Multiverse is our campus.

Recommended for Ages 13 - 113
 (Children under 13 should be accompanied by a parent;  Why?  See answer below, to the left.)

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Red Dragon Prophecy

Major Ed Dames

...is a remote viewer who got his training from military intelligence.

He claims that he and his team have remote viewed the future!

Leon Priz
...is the owner and webmaster of this website.

He claims that Major Dames is right!

Just click on the pic to see what this is all about.

Click Here: to find out end-of-the-world prophecies from all around the world
We're talking England, American, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Middle East, etc.


...or, there are 4 portals to chose from...


English Language Education

Foreign Language Education

Home-schooler's paradise!

...for BOTH teachers and students...

...for both ESL and Language Arts.

and so much more.



Funny photos,

Funny videos;




 Riddles, etc.



Ancient Symbolism

Science in Mythology

The BIG Secret of the Universe

Encyclopedia of Metaphysics

End of the World Prophecies

and more.



Expat Assistance

Dealing with Culture Shock

Jobs 4 X-pats!!!

Expat Blogs

Expat Humor,

 and more.




Dear Parents,

Why do children under 13 years of age need parental supervision?

Quite simply, the answer is because U.S. law requires that I put warnings on my site, if I solicit personal information from visitors.  I don't really solicit any information; however I do have a "guest-book" where visitors may leave their names and comments about my website.  Furthermore, there are third-party advertisements, which may solicit information (for the purpose of selling something).  Lastly, I do solicit donations, but is unlikely that any child under 18 years of age has a credit card, so therefore cannot donate.

That's why children under the age of 13 should be with a parent or guardian when visiting this website.

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful educational material that I have amassed free of charge (as it should be)!

Kind regards,

Children's content

Parents' Page


Calling All Adult Patrons,

Leon's Planet is an independently owned and operated website, and all fees to run this website come out of Leon's pocket.  Leon's Planet would like your support to keep going, because ads, so far, have not been generating enough revenue. 

IF this website has in any way been a benefit to you, PLEASE consider donating to Leonsplanet.com via...


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What's the Purpose
of this website?

The main purpose of this website is for education.  My occupation is an educator.  I have a didactic and pedagogic nature.  Therefore, I love teaching and I have been teaching for approximately 25 years.  However, it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of my time to keep this website up on the web.

So far, although I've tried to monetize this website, it has never generated any profit (and in fact, hasn't generated a single cent in the past 4 years).

If you have (or will have) benefited from the time and effort that I have put in to make this website, could you find it in your heart to give a little back?

I have been working on this website for over a decade as a labor of love.  Even if you do not donate, it will stay up as long as I can financially support it.


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Education Site Map 
This is a Site Map of Leon's English Education Stuff

Listening & Speaking
Reading & Writing
Grammar & Usage
Lexis & Vocabulary
English Education

What is "content-based" education???

Tongue Twisters Blog

(My blogs about life as an expat)


(Grammar rules simplified)

A/B/C English

(American/British/Canadian English)

Ancient Symbols

(Sacred Trees, Serpents, Dragons)

Chants x  ESL Puzzles Culture in Language Color Words Dream Interpretation
Games for ESL x Essays Clauses  Calligrams End of the World 
English Songs History of English Crazy English Homophones/Homonyms Encyclopedia Metaphysica 
Interjections Humor (English jokes) Irony Metaphor Festivals of the Far East
Intonation Myths about learning English Linguistic Terms Numbers Ghosts
Phonics Pen Pal Project Martha's Grammar Pet Peeves Phrasal Verbs Holidays (USA)
Pronunciation Poetry Parts of Speech Polysemy How to be Happy
Onomatopoeia Proverbs / Sayings Advanced Material Similes Mythology = Science
Oral Exam Prep x Spelling Rules Acronyms / Abbreviations Slang NDE
x x Written Exam Prep Language Competence Synonyms UFOs / ETs / Cryptids
x x Leon's Literature Review Organizational Competence Vocabulary Winter Solstice
Crazy Pronunciation x Crazy Spelling Pragmatic Competence English Words from other languages X-mas Traditions

Leon's Complete Index

Links Links Links
A About this site


About Leon


Acronyms & Abbreviations

Ex.)  "V.I.P." means?


Advertising on this site

(Both free and paid)

American/British/Canadian English


Ancient Religious Symbolism

(Mostly about Snakes and Dragons)

B Bigfoot

Fascinating new evidence!



(in English)

What does V.I.P. stand for?
What does # mean?



(My life overseas;  I could write a book!)

(Maybe I will.)



British English
American English

Buddhism in Brief

C Calligrams!

Let's build a public library of calligrams together!!!

Children's Home Page

Chinese New Year


How it is celebrated throughout



Christmas Origins

Where did the idea of the Christmas tree come from?  Where did the idea of Santa Claus originate?


Bigfoot and other cryptic animals

(Chinese English Errors)

China Chronicles
(my life in China)

Chinese Lessons
(by Leon, who's been there)

Chants for ESL

How many color words do you know?

What color is mauve?

Meet the CLAUSES

(Subordinate Clause, Main Clause,
Relative Clause, and Mr. Claus)


Content-based Education

What's that?!!!

Click to Learn

Crazy English

English really IS crazy sometimes!

You've got to see this page!

Culture & English

What?!  Language has culture?

YEP!  Make sure you understand the English Language Culture.

Creation Myths
(myths from around the world that explain the creation of human beings on this planet)


Dream Interpretation
Dictionary of Dream Archetypes


Learn about demons in Leon's...


E Easter

(Learn the history of Easter)

Free EFL Clip Art

English Pedagogy

Free ESL Clip Art

Essays by Leon
Expatriates Page THE END OF THE WORLD
(as we know it)

(End-of-the-World Prophecies)

...a how-to tutorial (free)

Learn Leon's method to S.M.A.C.K. those demons down!
© 2016 to present

F FAQs Favorite Links
* Festivals *

of the Far East

Including:  China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and Vietnam

Flowers of Utah

G Games

(to learn English)

Grammar (of English) Grey List (for int'l job seekers)

How to achieve it

Health History of English Holidays in USA
Homophones Humor Holidays in the Orient
Interlanguage Intonation Irony
J Jobs for teachers Jokes
K Korean Chronicles
(my life in Korea)
Korean Dictionary Errors Korean Food Korean Lessons
Korean Origins

(Where do the Koreans and their language come from, historically?)


"Korean English"

Did you know that there are 3 kinds of Konglish?  Yes, I, Leon, have categorized 3 different kinds of Konglish.  Any Korean who studies English, will want to visit this page.


King of the Jungle

(Spiritualist; Shaman)

L Language Competence Languages Taught and Tested
Leon's Int'l Liquor Page Linguistic Terms Linguistic Humor
Mongolian Lessons

"Mongol Meanderings"
Blog of my life in Mongolia
for 5 years
Morphemes Leon's Planet presents...


Very informative!!!
It's an encyclopedia of the spiritual and paranormal.

Music in Education Mythology is Science Myths about learning English
(near death experiences)
New Year's Day
Not the end-of-the-world,
but there will be some changes.
Numbers of English

How high can you count in English?
What's the largest number?


What is is all about?

O Onomatopoeia Oral English Exam
Organizational Competence Open Forum
Contact Leon
P Parents' Page

(esp., for children under 13)

Parts of Speech

(nouns, verbs, and more)

Pen Pal Project Phono-Page
(Phonics, Phonemics, Phonology)
Phrasal Verbs
Poland Post
(my life in Poland)
Poetry Polysemy Pragmatic Competence
Preppers Proverbs Puns
Q Qabbalah
R References

 It's a page of References (Resources)
 to learn English.


What's the difference between a resume and a CV?

S Scams

Leon tries to illuminate people on how to identify scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.

The Science of Myth
The Myth of Science

Myth is Science in Metaphor!!!!!

I solved it!!!!
  (This is not an ad, by the way).

Shepherd's Monument Mystery SOLVED!!!!

Can you decipher the code above?
 I did. 
See how I did it.

Similes Slang Songs
Spelling Rules
Symbolic Serpents
Tao of Leon
Tongue Twisters

Turkish Times
(my life in Turkey)
UFO / ET / Cryptids
U  R  Gr8.

See other rebus puzzles.

Vietnam Vigil
(my life in Vietnam)

What's the best way to increase your vocabulary (of English, of course)?

W What's New? Winter Solstice Traditions
Who, Which, Where

(relative clauses)

Words from Other Lingos Written English Exams
X X-mas X-pats
Y Yuletide You can contact me.
Z Zen of Leon Z-A


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Webmaster & Professional Educator
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Salaam, Dobrodošli, 歡迎 (fňonying), 欢迎 [simplified], 歡迎 [traditional] (huānyíng), Vítáme tĕ, Velkommen, Welkom, Bienvenue, Wolkom, Willkommen, Καλώς ορίσατε (Kalōs orisate), Aloha, Benvenuto, ようこそ (yōkoso), 환영합니다 (hwangyong-hamnida), Тавтай морилогтун (tavtai morilogtun), Bem-vindo / Bem-vinda, Bienvenido, Välkommen, Mabuhay, Swaagatham, Merhaba