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Page / Link Audio? What is that?
Parents' Page x All parents
(especially parents of children under the age of 13)
should visit this page!
Acronyms and Abbreviations x Acronyms are shorted phrases.
Abbreviations are shorted words.
Alliteration x Ex.)  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Calligrams x Best way to learn new words!
Let's make a public library of calligrams together!
Chants coming
Ex.) "Five little monkeys"
Content-based Education x It's a cool way to study English!
Kids' Page x English for Young Learners
(Children under 13 should be with mom or dad)
Clauses x main clause, subordinate clause, relative claus
Colors in English x How many colors do you know?
Crazy English x English is crazy, isn't it?
Culture & Language x culture is a part of language and language is a part of language
e-Pals x Get e-mail friends around the world
FAQs x What is the best way to learn a foreign language?
Favorite Links x Links for teachers & students
Figures of Speech x apostrophe, metaphors, metonymy, similes, etc.
Games x ESL puzzles, ESL riddles, etc.
Grammar x Leon's Free Grammar Lessons
History of English x Why English has so many words
Homophones / Homonyms x Homophones: Words that sound the same (but have different spelling)
Homonyms: Words that are spelled the same and sound the same, but have different meanings
Humor x Jokes, puns, & funny photos


x This page will help you
prepare for those tests!
Intonation How to study English intonation
Irony x There are three kinds of irony
Leon's Literature Review x Leon Reviews English Literature
Morphemes x Latin & Greek roots of English
Myths about English x Myths about learning English
 Numbers (in English) x How high can you count (in English)?
Onomatopoeia Sound Words (like:  moo, meow, baa)
Parts of Speech x Noun, Verbs, Adjectives, etc.
Phonology English sounds
Phrasal Verbs x two-part & three-part verbs
Poetry x Poems, Rhyming, (including Leon's poems)
Polite English x How to speak politely in English (coming soon)
Polysemy x One word, many meanings
Pronunciation English Pronunciation
Proverbs x English Proverbs, Sayings, etc.
Spelling Rules (for English) English Only
Slang x English Words that are not in the dictionary
Songs Including Audio Links!
Synonyms x Two words; same meaning
Tongue Twisters Great for practicing pronunciation!
(Tongues Twisters have Alliterations!)
Vocabulary x Best way to improve

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