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Red Sun
Prophecies from around the World

of the English Language

2007~present, by Leon's Planet
Permission to copy granted, but please link back to my site.
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Table of Contents
(click, or just scroll down)

(1)  The Names of all numbers in English
(2)  The largest / highest number in English
(3)  Possible Origin of the word "Google"
(4)  Latin and Greek Numbers in English
(5)  English Words with numerical roots in them
(6)  Woo-woo!
Numbers in numerology, tarot, and astrology, etc.


How high can you count?

What's the largest / highest named number in the English Language?

Is a googol the largest named number (aside from infinity)?


How about a googolplex?

(I was wrong in the past;  googolplex is NOT the highest named number.)

NOW, do you know what the highest/largest number in the English language,

not counting zillion, infinity ?

For answer click here or continue scrolling down


The Names of English Numbers...
(i.e., the nomenclature)

Scientific Notation # of zeros

American English number

# of zeros

British English number

1 x 103 3 one thousand 3 one thousand
1 x 106 6 one million 6 one million
1 x 109 9 one billion 9 one milliard
1 x 1012 12 one trillion 12 one billion
1 x 1015 15 one quadrillion - -
1 x 1018 18 one quintillion 18 one trillion
1 x 1021 21 one sextillion - -
1 x 1024 24 one septillion 24 one quadrillion
1 x 1027 27 one octillion - -
1 x 1030 30 one nonillion 30 one quintillion
1 x 1033 33 one decillion - -
1 x 1036 36 one undecillion 36 one sextillion
1 x 1039 39 one duodecillion - -
1 x 1042 42 one tredecillion 42 one septillion
1 x 1045 45 one quattuordecillion - -
1 x 1048 48 one quindecillion 48 one octillion
1 x 1051 51 one sexdecillion - -
1 x 1054 54 one septendecillion 54 one nonillion
1 x 1057 57 one octodecillion - -
1 x 1060 60 one novemdecillion 60 one decillion
1 x 1063 63 one vigintillion - -
1 x 1066 66 - 66 one undecillion
1 x 1072 72 - 72 one duodecillion
1 x 1078 78 - 78 one tredecillion
1 x 1084 84 - 84 one quattuordecillion
1 x 1090 90 - 90 one quindecillion
1 x 1096 96 - 96 one sexdecillion
1 x 10100 100 a googol 100 ?
1 x 10googol 101 a googolplex 101 ?
1 x 10102 102 - 102 one septendecillion
1 x 10108 108 - 108 one octodecillion
1 x 10114 114 - 114 one novemdecillion
1 x 10120 120 - 120 one vigintillion
1 x 10303 303 one centillion 303 -
1 x 10600 600 - 600 one centillion
? ? a zillion ? An uncountable, yet finite number (example:  There are a zillion stars.)
? ? Infinity ? A theoretical number that is without end; (synonym: forever)




The highest number (or largest number) in the English language,

 not counting zillion, or infinity, is...

one centillion.

Whether you go with the American counting system or the British counting system, one centillion is still the highest named number in the English language.  But be aware that the American centillion has 303 zeros, while the British centillion has 600 zeros.





What does "Google" mean?

Possible origin of the word "Google":

It is this author's opinion that the people who coined the word "Google" created a hybrid of two existing words:

1.  Goggle

2.  Googol

Hence, in this author's opinion, Google means:  to goggle a googol websites

(Leon, 2007)


Latin & Greek Roots
(Latin and Greek numbers in English)


Greek Word or
Latin Word
Number in Standard Form  Number in Word Form Number in Scientific Notation
pico 1/1,000,000,000,000 one trillionth 1 x 10-12
nano 1/1,000,000,000 one billionth 1 x 10-9
micro 1/1,000,000 one millionth 1 x 10-6
milli 1/1000 one thousandth 1 x 10-3
centi 1/100 one hundredth 1 x 10-2
deci 1/10 one tenth 1 x 10-1
uni / mono 1 one 1 x 100
bi / di 2 two 2 x 100
tri / tri 3 three 3 x 100
quad / tetra 4 four 4 x 100
quin / penta 5 five 5 x 100
sexa / hexa 6 six 6 x 100
septa / hepta 7 seven 7 x 100
octa / octa 8 eight 8 x 100
nova / nona 9 nine 9 x 100
deca / deka 10 ten 1 x 101
cent / hect(a) 100 hundred 1 x 102
mil / kilo 1000 thousand 1 x 103
mega 1,000,000 million 1 x 106
giga 1,000,000,000 billion 1 x 109
tera 1,000,000,000,000 trillion 1 x 1012


Other Words in English
with Numbers in them...

Meaning (Etymology)
Special thanks to the
Online Etymology Dictionary.
Meaning: (via Usage)
appreciate Latin a (to) + prec (price) + ate (make) (a)  to rise in price
(b)  to rise in numerical value
astronomical Latin astro (star) + nom (number) + 
ical (pertaining to)
pertaining to the number of the stars;  numbered as the number of stars
bicycle Latin bi (2) + cycle (circle) a vehicle with two wheels
bifurcate Latin bi (2) + furc (fork) + ate (make) to make a fork with two prongs (both literally and figuratively)
bilingual Latin bi (2) + lingua (tongues) + l having two languages
binary Latin bi (2) + nary (of) made in twos
Ex.)  binary stars, binary code (for electronics)
binomial Latin bi (2) + nom (number) + ial (of) consisting of two numbers
biped Latin bi (2) + ped (feet) A living being that walks on two feet.
cent Latin 100 1/100th of a dollar
centurion Latin cent (100) + ury (group) ion (person) one person of a group of 100 soldiers
century Latin cent (100) + ury (group) (a)  a group of 100 soldiers (in Rome)
(b)  100 years
depreciate Latin de (down) + prec (price) + ate (make) (a)  to make the price go down
(b)  to decrease in numerical value
decagon Greek deca (10) + gon (sides) a 10-sided, 2-dimensional shape
decahedron Greek deca (10 + hedron (faces) a 10-faced, 3-dimensional shape
decimal Latin deci (1/10th) + m + al (of) a way of writing tenths
Ex.)  0.1
decimate Latin deci (1/10th) + m + ate (make) To make something reduced to one tenth of its original size
digraph Greek di (2) + graph (writing) two letters that together have one sound
diode Greek di (2) + ode (path) an electronic component that goes from one path to two paths
enumerate Latin e (out) + numer (number) + ate (make) to count
fathom Pure
fathom = arms outstretched (a)  a measurement of depth equal to arms outstretched from finger tip to finger tip
(b)  to understand ((sth))
fortnight Pure
fort (fourteen) + nights A period of two weeks.
hemi~ Greek hemi = 1/2 Examples:
Hemisphere (half a sphere)
heptagon Greek hepta (7) + gon (sides) a 7-sided, 2-dimensional shape
hexagon Greek hexa (6) + gon (sides) a 6-sided, 2-dimensional shape
lot Pure
lot = one's share a group of things that belong to somebody
myriad Greek myriad = 10,000 ten thousand (but used hyperbolicly)
nonagon Greek nona (9) + gon (sides) a 9-sided, 2-dimensional shape
octagon Greek octa (8) + gon (sides) an 8-sided, 2-dimensional shape
octopus Greek octo (8) + pous (feet) an 8-legged sea creature
Phylum:  Mollusk
Class:  Cephalopod
Order:  Octopod
Pentecost Greek 50 Pentecost is the Greek word for the Hebrew 'Festival of Weeks' (why it is called that I'm not sure, but I can guess).
The Festival of Weeks was the 50th day after the grain planting.
You see, they were to grow the grain for 49 days (which is seven weeks).  On the 50th day, they celebrate with "first fruits" (and yes grain is a fruit (verification).  The individual grains are called "berries".  They celebrate the first day of harvest with a special feast.  (Source)
The Christian Pentecost is the day when Jesus' apostles were preaching to group of people in a public place and all were filled with the Holy Spirit and every person heard their message in their own tongue.
pentagon Greek penta (5) + gon (sides) a 5-sided, 2-dimensional shape
Pentateuch Greek penta (5) + teuch (books) The first 5 books of the Bible; attributed to Moses.
Pentatonix Greek penta (5) + ton (tones) + ic (of) a five-tone musical scale
polymorphous Greek poly (many) + morph (shape) + ous having the capability to change into many shapes
quad Latin quad = 4 a patio enclosed by four walls
quadrilateral Latin quad (4) + ri + lateral (sides) a 4-sided, 2-dimensional shape
quadruplet(s) Latin quad (4) + ru + plets (things) (a)  any set of four identical things
(b)  a set of four "twins"
quart Latin quart = 1/4 one fourth of a gallon
quarter Latin quart (1/4) + er one fourth of a dollar
quartet Latin quart (1/4) + et a group of four singers
quintuplet(s) Latin quintu (5) + plet (a)  andy set of five identical things
(b)  a set of five "twins"
Sabbath Hebrew 7th Day The 7th day of the week; meant to be a day of rest
sabbatical Hebrew 7th Year The 7th year; usually taken as a rest
semi~ Latin semi = 1/2 Examples:
semicircle = half a circle
semiannually = every half a year
Septuagint  Latin sept (7) + ua + gint (x 10) (a)  The 70 interpreters who translated the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek
(b)  The Greek version of the Old Testament
triangle Latin tri (3) + angle (angles) a 3-sided, 3-angled, 2-dimenstional shape
triplet(s) Latin tri (3) + plets (things) (a) any set of three identical things
(b) a set of three "twins"
tripod Greek tri (3) + pod (foot/feet) a device with three legs/feet
unicycle Latin uni (1) + cycle (circle) a vehicle with only one wheel
university Latin uni (1) + versity (turn into) A school of higher learning where one studies the universe (and specializes in one small aspect of that universe).
universe Latin uni (1) + verse (turn into) All that is; The Whole of All Creation



Woo-woo & Numbers

by Leon's Planet dot com
(numerology, tarot, astrology, etc.)

(1)  Numerology
Numerology is not the study of numbers, as one might think.  It is a science all right, but it is a science based upon a very, very old superstition.  The superstition may be as old as the modern human race, but that's not verifiable.  No one knows exactly how old numerology is.  We do know that it came from Mesopotamia, and that the Chaldeans were known far and wide for their use of astrology and numerology for information and prognostication.  Personally, I find it fascinating.  I think that perhaps the divine order of the cosmos may very well be based upon the science or superstition of numerology.  Is it a science or a superstition?  You decide.  Click here to learn more about numerology.

(2)  Tarot
From my research, the tarot card deck seems to align perfectly with Chaldean numerology.  See the following chart for verification.  (Note: I'm not going to go through the entire deck).

No. Numerology
Tarot Card Tarot Meaning
5 Overcoming.
Messianic Number.
Religious Teacher.
Sacred Knowledge.
"The Hierophant"


Hiero (Sacred Knowledge)
Phant (Revealer)

Hence:  The Hierophant is a revealer of sacred knowledge


6 Creation. (As the world was created in six "days" or periods of time).
Also:  procreation.
Also:  creativity.
"The Lovers"

Notice the children.
One is still in spirit form, while the other appears to be physical (I think this represents both the born and the yet-to-be-born).  And the card is a symbol of both the procreative process and procreation of offspring.
The serpent represents DNA.
See my page on serpents for more information.

10 10 = 1 + 0 = 1
The Universe.
All is connected.
String Theory.
Quantum Theory.
"Wheel of Fortune"

Also, the wheel of time.
Also, the motion of the solar systems, galaxies, and universe.

It's about the flow of time, and time brings new things into our lives.  Could be fortunate, or unfortunate.  Either way, life goes on.

13 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 = "Death"

This doesn't mean physical death.
"Death" is a metaphor for the end of something, or some aspect of one's life.
Some episode of one's life is coming to an end.


This has the exact same meaning as the numerology.

14 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 = Overcoming.

(See 5 above).


Moderation in all things.

Keeping balance.

In keeping balance, one overcomes the trials and tribulations of life.

15 15 = 1 + 5 = 6 = Procreation.

(See 6 above for more info.)

"The Devil"

If you look at the symbolism, it is implying that the Devil tempts people to get off their sacred path through obsessive attention to the procreative act.

While the procreative act can be enlightening, it can also be destructive.  You know what I mean.

(3)  Astrology and Numbers.
The year 2023, which is also a number, is associated with a Zodiacal sign, and an element.  The sign for 2023 is the rabbit; the element is water.  I believe that we are in for some major water damage in 2023, due to the sign of the water rabbit.  For more about Chinese Astrology, please see my Festivals of the Far East page.
But, let's look at the numerology of 2023.  2023 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7.  Now, you must understand that each and every number has a neutral meaning, a good meaning, and a bad meaning.  The neutral meaning of 7 is completeness (as in: it is finished;  as in the finish of the week).  The good meaning could be that something bad is done.  The bad meaning could be that something good is done.  Honestly, I think that we are in end times, and that it signifies the end of good times in the world, and the beginning of some really bad times.  For more info on end times, see my end-of-the-world-prophecies page.

(4)  Gematria
I don't want to get into too much detail here, but succinctly, Gematria is the practice of assigning a number to each letter of the alphabet.  Then, you take names, add up the numbers of the name, and use numerology to get some information.  There's more info on my numerology page.








...to be continued...








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