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Red Sun
Prophecies from around the World

& Dream Interpretation

by Leon of Leon's Planet


Dear Dreamer:

I have read four books on the topic of dream interpretation, and I have been recording and interpreting my own dreams for over 25 years.

Q:  Can people see their past lives in dreams?
A:  Some persons, like Edgar Cayce, have attested that dreams can document our past lives.  I'm not so sure.  I've had one dream that might qualify, but there's just no way to know for sure.

Q:  Can some dreams be prophetic?
A:  Well, yes and no.  A prophetic dream would be one that tells a possible future, not necessarily an actual, factual future.  Also, some aspects of the dream, such as persons therein, may not be actual participants in the future events.  But, yes, I believe in prophetic dreams.   In addition, there are what I would call "wishful thinking dreams", where the dreamer dreams of a highly improbable future, based upon hopes and wishes.

Q:  Can you, Leon, interpret my dream for me?
A:  I'll give it a shot.  The best interpreter is YOU, the dreamer, because YOU have better insight to possible interpretations, based upon what is going on in YOUR life at the time.  I am usually not privy to that knowledge, so my interpretations will be more general, rather than specific.

My 25 year study of my own dreams has led me to understand the purpose, function, and meaning of human dreams.  To learn, you should read my article below.

 Table of Contents

I.  Article: "What are Dreams?"     (by me, Leon)
II.  Dream Dictionary of Dream Archetypes   
(a reference of dream archetypes; to help you interpret your own dreams!)
III.  How to interpret a dream   (plus a sample dream of mine)
IV.  A Special Note to Parents  (of children who are having nightmares)


"What are Dreams?"

by me (Leon)


SKIP the article, please.  I want the dream dictionary (reference table).


Without beating around the bush, dreams are images... moving images... archetypes... symbols... visual metaphors.


"Arche" means "ancient" or "old" in Greek.  "Type" means a "mold" or "replica".  Therefore, "archetypes" are the ancient symbols in the collective human psyche.

It should be noted (before I begin), that some archetypes will vary in meaning, due to culture of a given society.  For example, if I (an American) were to  dream of a pig, it might mean "dirty".  If a person from the U.K. were to dream of a pig, it might mean "greedy".  But, if a Korean were to dream of a pig, it would mean "fortune", "eating well", "the good life".

HOWEVER, there are some archetypes that pervade all human cultures.  For instance, a male figure in a dream would generally represent the role of providing sustenance for one's self and his/her family.  A female figure would generally represent the role of homemaking and family relationships. 


I like to think of dreams as visual metaphors.  To learn more about metaphors, please click here.


Because of superstitions, many people mistake some of their dreams to be portents.  This is SO UNTRUE.  We humans have no more access to the future through our dreams, than we do in waking consciousness.  HOWEVER, dreams DO often illustrate a POSSIBLE future, based upon current circumstances.  It must be noted, however, that they are only possible futures, and we are the masters of our own destiny.

So, without further ado, I give you my dictionary of dream archetypes.





Legal Foreword:

I have gathered and collected the information below from at least 25 years of my own dreaming, having recorded many of my dreams and using various resources (both books and online) to gain insight.  I made this page from memory.

You can find some of the information below on other websites, but much of the information below has come from my own dreams and through the long tedious process of trying to understand them.

You need to understand that our dreams are composed of a language, but the language is NOT a linguistic language.  It is a language of metaphors (AKA: archetypes)!!!  NOTHING can be taken a "face-value" (except the emotions of the dream).


AGE See "numbers"
ANGEL(s) The spiritual part of our psyche; the superego; our inner sense of propriety (morality).

OR... it could have been a REAL angel (or spirit guide)  [by their fruits, ye shall know them].




Aztec Crocodile

Chinese Cat





Mongol Wolf - Deer




Oriental Dragon





The significance of animals is very cultural.  For example, to Koreans, a pig (in one's dream) is considered a very auspicious (lucky) dream (although dreams are not always what they seem); Whereas, in English cultures, dreams of a pig would vary in significance depending upon what the pig was doing and how it was fairing.  Yet, since I cannot explain the meaning in all animals in all cultures, I'll give some examples from some cultures that I've experienced.  (I can only discuss that which I'm familiar with.  If you'd like to add your culture or another culture that you are familiar with, please contact me).
ANIMAL Amerindian

Mayan Crocodile =
Power over the Waters (Rain-bringer)

Deception Good fortune
(Garlock, 2013)
(Alligators and Crocodiles may be the source of dragon legends)

See Dragons.


See Dragons.


See Dragons.

Bear protector


See "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" Hero


See Legend of Dan Gun, progenitor of the Korean race, half god and half she-bear.  Also...
'Bear' is a metaphor for a slow-witted woman.
? ?
Cat ? Black cat = wickedness, evil.
Other cats = laziness, leisurely life,
nine lives!
Long life
good fortune
Koreans hate cats...they think that cats are inhabited by evil spirits. Same as China ?
ANIMAL Amerindian
Cow ? Cow w/ plenty of milk = good times of plenty

Cow w/ no milk = bad times of leanness, famine

? ? ? Food?

(Cow's milk, Horse milk, Yak milk, and goat milk are the staple food in Mongolia)

Deer ? Food
(ancient food source)
? ? The Mongolians consider themselves progenitors of the Blue Wolf and the Red Deer.

The Red Deer is the symbol of femininity.

Dog ? "Man's best friend" ? Stamina Food
(dogs are eaten as a source of stamina)
Same as Korean Protectors of humankind
ANIMAL Amerindian
Dragon No Dragons;

Winged Dragon = Evil
or Rain
or Rain
Trickster Cleverness ? Cunning ? ?
? Ugliness? Fertility
Same as China Same as China None
ANIMAL Amerindian
Horse ? Transportation;
? ? ? Transportation;
Lion Mountain Lion (Cougar) = leader, warrior.
Also...means: time to move!
See "Lions, Tigers and Bears" Protector from evil spirits;


Same as China Same as China Same as China
Pig ? Dirtiness;
Good luck;
Same as China Same as China Same as China
ANIMAL Amerindian
Snake Good snake = Healing.
Evil snake = bringer of storms and destruction.
Deception Good snake =
Evil snake =
sinisterness and indifference
Same as China Same as China ?
Tiger None. See "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" Protector
Same as China Same as China Same as China
Wolf Many Amerindians consider themselves progenitors of the wolf.  The wolf symbolizes strength, power, leadership. Devourer;
? Aggressiveness ? The Mongolians consider themselves progenitors of the Blue Wolf and the Red Deer.

The Blue Wolf is the symbol of masculinity.

See also: "birds" & "fish",

ANNIVERSARY  An "anniversary" is a celebration of an event, celebrated annually.  It is usually accompanied by positive feelings, like: happiness, pride in one's accomplishment, etc.

The feelings can be taken at 'face-value'.  It is your mind's way of recognizing and celebrating one's accomplishment(s).  However, it is important to recognize WHOSE anniversary it is.  If it is...

- your father's anniversary (and you don't see mother), then it is a work-related accomplishment being celebrated.

- your mother's anniversary (and you don't see father), then it is a family-related accomplishment being celebrated.

See also, "male" and "female" for more information.

(including showering)
THE GOOD - To bathe signifies the "cleansing" of one's sins (repentance, penance)
THE BAD - To try and bathe, but the dirt/scum won't come off, signifies that either you won't forgive yourself, OR others won't let you repent, no matter how hard you try (but most likely the former).
THE UGLY - To wash one's hands, means you are washing other people's "filth" from you.  Ex.)  "I wash my hands of it!"

See also "Washing".

BIRDS - The meaning, of course, depends upon culture and which bird AND the color of the bird.

For instance: in the Orient, a white crane signifies long life (or the desire for long life),
   but in the west, the white stork signifies a baby is on the way (or the desire to have a baby).

- RAVEN is generally bad in any culture, because of its color (BUT in Mongolia, the Raven is a hero, so if you are Mongolian, it might be an archetype of hope and goodness).

- DOVE = universal symbol of peace.

- EAGLE (or hawk) = power, prowess, success (unless crippled or falling).

- PHOENIX signifies the "rebirth" of a project.

- BIRDS (IN GENERAL) = especially any flying bird, symbolize success and freedom.

- Seeing misshapen or crippled birds, or birds that cannot fly is not good.  It could mean that one's project is having a difficult time "getting off the ground", or it has been "grounded".


- To witness a birth represents the incipience of a project/venture

- To witness the birth of one's own child (especially when having no children) signifies that the NEW project OR venture is one's OWN

- To experience great joy at the birth signifies one's joy and anticipation regarding the new project/venture

- To see a birthday (such as a birthday party), signifies a kind of 'anniversary'.  See 'anniversary' above.

- To see/witness/experience one's own birth signifies renewal.

BREAD See 'vegetables'.
BRIDGE Bridges represent connections.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't burn your bridges?"  It means keep your connections (with businesses and people), because you never know when they will come in handy.

BOY See 'male'.
BUG(s) If the bugs (perhaps giant bugs) are attacking you, see "MONSTERS".  If not, the other aspects of the dream need to be considered, especially the feelings.  [Emotions are the ONLY thing that can be taken literally in a dream].
CHASE - To chase sb or sth signifies wanting something
Caveat: the thing chased in the dream is NOT necessarily the thing wanted in real life; It is a metaphor, and the symbolism of the thing being chased must be ascertained by the dreamer).

- To be chased by sb or sth (usually accompanied by an urgency to escape) signifies wanting to escape some bad situation (in real life)

CLEANING Cleaning is a good dream!  It means you are "cleaning up" a "mess" in your life.  Doesn't matter who made the "mess," if you dream the dream where you are cleaning, it means you are "cleaning up" somebody's mess.

See also 'Bathing'.
See also 'Washing'.
See also 'Dirty'.

COIN see "money"
COLLEGE see "school"





- To witness a death represents the end of a project (also, an unfulfilled project).  The more morose one feels pertaining to the death (e.g., the closer the person is that dies), means the more emotional investment one had in the project/venture.

DEATH OF A RELATIVE = The End (of something)...

- a MALE family member's death = a BUSINESS venture recently failed  (perhaps you got fired, or a business deal fell through)
- a FEMALE family member's death = a domestic venture ended (perhaps a personal relationship ended)
- DEATH OF ONE'S OWN CHILD = the end of a personal project


It has been said that if you die in your dream, you die in real life.  No where has this fallacy been made more popular than in the movie, "Inception."  It's just not true.  In fact, I don't think that it is even possible to die in one's dreams.  If you, the reader, have seen or experienced your own death in a dream, please email me the whole dream.  That said, Let's deal with the hypothetical situation where you actually DID dream of your own death (and lived to tell about it).

Now, if you are a bystander (as in being outside your own body) when you dream of yourself lying dead, you might actually have had an Out-of-Body Experience (O.B.E.)  [That's one possibility].

If you witnessed yourself dying (like let's say in a car crash or something) in your dream, and you wake up, and nothing of the sort happened in real life, I understand that it can be a freaky experience and you might be freaked-out by it.  I would calm down.  It doesn't mean that you are going to die.  It is merely a metaphor for the "end" of something.  Some possibilities:

(1)  End of your connection to God/spirit/higher self/Source, etc.  It's simply something along the lines of a "spiritual death," i.e., separation from God;  but in reality it is impossible to be completely separated from God/Source since God is Light (1John 1:5) and God is Love (1John 4:8); So, no matter how bad our spiritual condition, we still have that connection available to us.

(2) End of an aspect of you.  Have you ever said, "I'm not that person anymore."  Well, that old person "died" and a new person was "born."  Could be a good dream!

Now, I have dreamed that I had died and gone to hell.  But, I didn't actually experience the death in the dream.  See my dream log.

In my dream log, I have several examples of dreams that I've had regarding death.

personification of

To see the personification of Death (AKA:  Thanatos, Grim Reaper, The Reaper of Souls, Death), could have any number of possible interpretations depending upon the other aspects of the dream.

Generally speaking, he is ancient archetype representing "death," or the passage of the soul from the body into the "underworld," i.e., the spirit world; BUT, to see him in your dream does NOT mean that you are going to die.

It is nothing to be afraid of.  It may be a manifestation of your waking fears of death.  Your sleeping mind (or unconscious mind) is often a reflection of your waking mind (your conscious mind).  So, if you have been thinking about death a lot lately, you might manifest him in your dreams.  It's all in your mind.

Also, there is a possibility that this is a variation of the classic "death" dream, which merely signifies the END of something or some aspect of your life.

DEVIL, the

for a Demon...
 (see "Evil Spirit")

- To see (and/or converse with) the Devil in a dream signifies one's baser self: (one's Id, in Freudian psychology).  It can be quite disconcerting to a religious person to have a dream of the Devil, but it is nothing to be worried about, it is just an archetype.

- If one sees A creature which is half humanoid and half goat (Baphomet), that's not the Devil, it is some made-up creature, invented in the mind of Eliphas Levi in 1854.  It was said to be the idol of the Templars, but that is not true.  The idol of the Templars was part cat and part human.  But, whatever...  if you think it is the Devil, or the creature identifies him/herself as the Devil, then it is the archetype of one's Id.

Some people have "dreaming NDLEs, wherein they see and even talk with the Devil."  [NDLE = Near-Death-Like Experience], which could also be categorized as an OBE (Out-of-Body Experience), since they were not close to death, but merely in an altered state of consciousness.  See my NDE page for more information.

DINOSAURS If the dinosaurs are attacking you, see "MONSTERS".  If not, the other aspects of the dream need to be considered, especially feelings.  [Emotions are the ONLY thing that can be taken literally in a dream.]
DIRTY To be dirty signifies being "soiled" with either sin OR a bad reputation OR both.

See also 'bathing'.
See also 'cleaning'.
See also 'washing'.


Going downward in a dream signifies a debasement of one's self (if one's self goes down) or others (if others are seen going down)

DRAGON - It depends upon which kind of dragon (and the color).

- WESTERN DRAGON (WITH WINGS) If you see a Western dragon (either black or red), it is NOT good.  It IS an ancient archetype of DARKNESS and could signify some kind of evil.  (see "Devil" OR "Evil Spirit" or "Nightmare").

- ORIENTAL DRAGON (NO WINGS) If you see an Eastern dragon, it signifies fortune of some kind.  All colors of Eastern dragons are good, but the exact meaning may vary depending upon the color of the dragon.  For instance...

           - WHITE might signify purity or cleanliness of heart.
           - BLUE might signify the sky (and/or water from the sky).
           - RED might signify earth (and/or terrestrial waters).
           - BLACK might signify the depths of the sea, depths of the night sky (cosmic sea), OR depths of one's own soul.

DROWNING see "down" and "water"
EVIL SPIRIT See "nightmare".
FEMALE (girls, women) To see a female figure (especially one's mother) represents the non-work and more feminine related parts of one's life, mostly that would include one's love life and one's family life, because anciently (and to some extent, today as well) women were seen as the more romantic, loving, and emotional beings.

Thus, to see a female baby signifies the BEGINNING of a romantic or family-related project.

See also "male".


- The meaning COULD differ from CULTURE to culture and depends upon the TYPE & COLOR & CONDITION of fish seen.  Therefore, please keep all those factors in mind.

- To catch a beautiful, healthy fish signifies fortune.

- To try and catch fish, but to fail signifies lean times or misfortune or failure in some project or venture in real life.

- Empty fishing nets would be along the lines of misfortune and failure.

FLYING - Flying is generally good, but it depends upon the "feelings" one feels while flying

- To fly freely and easily, without effort (accompanied by feelings of joy, freedom, and/or excitement) signifies success in one's life (however one defines success, and that differs from person to person).

- To have great effort in flying signifies barely keeping one's head above water, (see also "water").

- To be chased while flying is bad.  (See "chase").

FOUNTAIN Something new "springing up" (usually good).

Fruit is the universal symbol of "plenty", unless one sees spoiled or rotten fruit, which would signify something gone terribly wrong.
GEMS/gemstones If in good condition, they signify success  (see also: jewelry).
GIRL See "female".
GOD To see or converse with God is an unusual dream indeed,  and frankly, I don't know the significance, but it could be the same as "angel" (see "angel" for more details).

Some people have "dreaming NDEs," wherein they believe they see and/or talk with a deity, whether it be Jesus or another 'god'.  Since the person is not close to death, it might be better to classify such experiences as OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences), rather than NDEs (Near-Death Experiences).  Anyhow, I have another page that deals with such subject matter.  Please see my NDE page.


The meaning depends upon the USE of the gold.

- If the gold was used/valued for its monetary worth, then see "money".

- If the gold was used for something else, it could have another meaning.

GRIM REAPER See "Death, personification."
HAIR COLOR Each color can have a good or bad meaning, depending upon the other aspects of the dream; OR, it could have no meaning at all, which is why I hesitate putting this information here, because you might get the wrong idea.  Always, the other aspects of the dream must be accounted for first, so take caution.

- BLONDE (yellow hair) = enlightenment
  (orange hair or reddish brown hair) = passion
- BRUNETTE (brown) = mother earth
- BLACK (as NIGHT) = the unknown, the cryptic, the occulted, the mysterious
- GRAY [I honestly don't know... it could symbolize old age and wisdom, but that would be just a guess]
- WHITE (color of "pure" snow): [It could symbolize purity].

HEAVEN Being in and/or escorted to heaven signifies great achievement and fulfillment (If it's a dream and not a vision, it's an archetype!)

For Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE) or Near Death Experiences (NDE), please see my NDE page.


Being in (and/or sent to) HELL is not good.  It would signify the opposite of a heaven dream.  Therefore it would signify a general sense of failure or a sense that life is a living hell.  It could also be a variation of the "trapped" dream (see "trapped" for more details).

If the "dream" of HELL seemed too real to be a dream, you could have had an OBE or NDLE.

HOUSE / HOME - If you see YOUR house (the one you spent the most time in as a child), it signifies the housing of your soul (i.e., your body).

- If you see another house (not your own), I'm not sure what it could represent.

HOTEL The key point of a hotel, is that it is "temporary" (i.e., temporary lodging).  So, clearly it is representing something temporary in your life.

It could have any of a number of meanings, depending upon the other factors in the dream.

In a dream that somebody sent me, the person was trapped, and would not be allowed to "check out".  It could represent a feeling of being trapped in the wrong body.  If this is your case, see "trapped" below.


INCUBUS A creature (often thought to be a demon) which either seduces or rapes women in their sleep.

-  Being seduced...
          - If you enjoyed being seduced, it signifies great pleasure (in real life).
          - If you did not enjoy being seduced or felt guilty afterward, it signifies a false adulation or receiving adulation on false grounds.

-  Being raped = Violation of one's privacy.  (That is to say that in real life your privacy has been violated).

JAIL To see yourself in jail or prison is a "trap" dream.  See "trap".

Jewels generally signify living in the lap of luxury, but that all depends upon the condition of the jewels.

Caveat:  it could be what I call a "wishful-thinking dream".  Sometimes we have dreams where our wishes "come true".

Metaphor:  also, it could be a metaphor for spiritual "treasure".  Not a physical, tangible treasure, but rather an intangible treasure, like true love, family relationships, or even "treasures in heaven".  (Matt 6:19-21).

See also treasure.

The meanings will differ to each culture, but in the West, those creatures are seen as the enemies to humans, and are generally bad signs, unless the creatures appear friendly in the dream, in which case, it could be a VERY good sign.

OTHER FACTORS of the dream should be taken into account.  When I was little, I had a recurring dream of being chased by a lion and fearing for my life, and feeling helpless to do anything about it.  Clearly that was not a good thing.  It symbolized my feelings of not being in control of my life.

MALE (man, men) Seeing a male figure represents one's work (especially seeing one's father), since in ancient times (and even today to a great extent)  men were the major "bread-winners" of a family. [Now, feminists don't get upset at me, these are ancient archetypes].

Thus, to see a male baby signifies the incipience of a work-related project.

See also "female".

MONEY - Money is the ancient archetype of something precious, something of value, but not in a concrete, tangible sense; more of a sentimental value.

- To gain money denotes an accruement of something to which someone attributes much sentimental value.

- To lose money denotes a loss of something to which someone attributes much sentimental value.

- That's not to say that one cannot place sentimental value upon money... many do, and so sometimes money can signify money (or commerce)...

- It all depends on what one values (especially at the time of the dream)

MONSTERS - If you see monsters, it is not good.  If you see them in your house, it means you've got a viral or bacterial infection.  To see the monsters (and/or dinosaurs) running around the house and to fight the monsters means that your body is fighting against the infection.

...as "house" represents one's body.

- Monsters would include dinosaurs, strange-looking creatures that you've never seen before, giant bugs, or any combination thereof.

NIGHTMARES - "Mare" in Middle English, meant "evil spirit", which attacked people in their dreams.

       See also "Incubus" and "Succubus."  

- To see an evil spirit can have several possible meanings.  To battle against an evil spirit and win is good.  It means that you have overcome some obstacle in life.  To lose would signify failure.

-  To be taken (captured) or chased by an evil spirit, would signify a debased or immoral character.

3 = GOVERNMENT (rule, leadership, etc.)
4 = END / CHANGE (death, judgment, end of one cycle, turning over a new leaf)
5 = OVERCOMING (success, immortality, etc.)
8 = NEW BEGINNINGS (birth)
10 => 1+0 = 1 = UNITY
11 => 1+1 = 2 = OPPOSITION (If you defeat the opposition, you become a MASTER, because 11 is the "master number")
12 => 1+2 = 3 = GOVERNMENT
13 => 1+3 = 4 = END / CHANGE
14 => 1+4 = 5 = OVERCOMING
15 => 1+5 = 6 = CREATION / PROCREATION
20 => 2+0 = 2 = OPPOSITION
40 => 4+0 = 4 = END /CHANGE / JUDGMENT / PURGING
666 => 6+6+6 = 18 => 1+8 = 9 TRIAL / TRAVAIL / TRIBULATION


ONE'S SELF - To see one's self...   I have no idea.  If you see yourself sleeping, you are probably having an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

- To be experiencing the dream as one's self, simply means one's self.

ORGASM To have an orgasm in a dream signifies great fulfillment of joy in one's life.
  (Unless you are male and have a wet dream, in which case it means nothing).
PRISON See "trapped".
To be living in a rental signifies a temporary station - could be a temporary job, or a temporary situation.

I have this recurring dream that I'm living in my father's rental.  I never understood what it meant until now:  father represents my business life, and I move around a lot for my work.  Clearly, because of the "father" figure, it represents my current station/post of business (which changes a lot, as I am a global nomad).

See also "Hotel".

RUN If one is running in one's dream, it signifies trying to escape from a given situation.  If one tries to run, but is either thwarted or runs in slow motion, it signifies not seeing a way out of a bad situation (in real life)

See also "chase", "scream", and "trap".

SAVING A LIFE Saving a life means that a project, which seemed in trouble or "near death" has been resuscitated, and hope for the project is renewed.

The closer the individual that you saved is to you, the more important the project.

SCHOOL Going to school (any kind of learning institution), especially for one who has already completed his/her formal education, signifies attending the "school of life" or in the vernacular: "the school of hard knocks".  My alma mater has the following written on a school monument:  "The World is Our Campus", and so it is.  And so it is.

Basically, it means that there is something that you need to learn.

SCREAM Screaming may have no significance other than the expression of frustration; BUT, to try and scream, but nothing comes out has a special significance... it means one is in a bad situation and sees no way out.  It the same with feeling (being) trapped in a dream.

See also "trap" and "run".

SEX If enjoyed, it signifies great pleasure, but if one fails to achieve orgasm, it means a lack of fulfillment in one's life.  (This interpretation has its limits.  For example, if one is male and he has a wet dream, well then the sex doesn't mean anything).
SILVER See "gold".
 (water spring)
See "fountain" and "water".
SUCCUBUS If you are male, you might be seduced by a succubus.  This represents your overactive libido, nothing to be worried about.  Probably means that you are undersexed. (SEE ALSO:  SEX)
SWIMMING - Swimming can be good or bad...

- To swim freely and without much effort (usually in clean, clear water) signifies good fortune.

- To try and swim, but to have difficulty in doing so, signifies trouble in one's real life (barely keeping one's head above water).


TRAP / trapped To feel or be literally trapped in a dream signifies, feeling or being figuratively trapped in some situation in real life.

Treasure doesn't mean real treasure or financial wealth.

It is a metaphor/symbol of the true "treasures" in life, such as:  abundance of peace, love, joy, etc.

If you are truly happy with your life, you may see treasure in your dream.

TREE / trees

- The meaning depends upon the kind and condition of the tree(s).
- In ancient times, trees were universal symbols of all life (all living things).
- A TALL TREE = an adult
- A HEALTHY TREE = a good, healthy, and spiritual and/or moral life
- AN UNHEALTHY TREE = a bad, unhealthy, and/or immoral life
UNIVERSITY See "school".

Going up in a dream signifies exultation and/or exaltation (but not in the religious sense).  I mean it means climbing the so-called ladder of success.

VEGETABLES - The meaning depends heavily upon the CULTURE, the TYPE and the CONDITION of the vegetable(s).

- ORIENT : RICE = one's living
- THE WEST : BREAD = one's living

WASHING In general, washing is a good thing.  It signifies cleansing one's life.

Washing clothes = repentance; penance [Note:  your born-again Christians probably would never have this dream, because their conscious paradigm is that they cannot cleanse themselves of their sins;  In their paradigm only Jesus can wash their clothes.]

Washing dishes = cleaning up a mess (See also: "Cleaning").  If you dirtied the dishes yourself, then you are cleaning up your own figurative mess.  If other people dirtied the dishes, you are figuratively cleaning up their "mess".

Washing your face = repairing your reputation.  Ex.) egg on your face means your reputation has been soiled.  Face = reputation in all cultures.  "To lose face" means to lose your good reputation.  So, washing your face means fixing your reputation.

Washing hands = you are absolving yourself from the sins (or dirty deeds) of others.  Ex.) "I wash my hands of it."

See also "Cleaning".
See also "Bathing".
See also "Dirty".

WATER - Water can have many meanings depending upon the situation...

- CLEAN / CLEAR WATER = good (fortuitous), especially bathing in it (see also bath).
- DIRTY / MURKY WATER = bad (unfortunate), especially if one is in the water.


See also: "bath", "drowning", "swimming".

WATERFALL A waterfall could have two meanings, depending upon the context:
1.  To see a beautiful landscape containing a beautiful waterfall, may not have any meaning by itself.
2.  To be going down a waterfall (see "down") is BAD.  It means you are going DOWN.
(or women)
See "female".
ZOO Seeing or visiting a zoo is not an archetype, the meaning would vary depending upon all the particulars of the dream.


You've got to see this!

Dreams of End Times!



 How to Interpret your own Dreams

Interpreting a dream is usually very easy!

PREFACE:  If you want to save us all a lot of time, I can tell you what the dream was about right now...  It was about some major event of the day just preceding the dream OR whatever was preoccupying your mind just prior to sleep.  "Nahhhhhhhhhhh!" you say?  "Bull Caca!" you say?  Well, just follow the following step-by-step process of interpreting your dream and you'll see that I'm right.

The Process of Dream Interpretation

Take stock of your emotions during the dream, for they are the only thing that can be taken at "face value" besides yourself.  Whatever emotions you experience in a dream are REAL!  They are perhaps the most important part of the dream for dream interpretation!

Write down the major symbols of the dream and look them up on the reference table of dream archetypes above.

If you cannot find a symbol on the table above, you may contact me (or for faster results try other websites).

Put it all together.  You will see a thread or theme of the dream.  That is what your dream is about.  Look back to what happened just prior to sleep and you will see a correlation.

Example of Dream Interpretation:

On June 8, 2004, I had a dream just before getting up.  I'll tell you the dream, then I'll interpret it for you.


I was back at home in the states and all the family was there, but it seemed to be long ago, not present day.  For instance, I was younger, and my siblings were younger than they are now.

We were having a big feast, much like we used to on Christmas Eve.  Suddenly, one of my younger brothers started choking on something.  I was first to see, and called attention to my father, saying, "Dad, Dad!  Look!  J is choking!"

Dad and I ran over to him.  Dad picked him up, but didn't know what to do.  My brother was turning a dark purple in the face, signifying a lack of oxygen.  I yelled, "Heimlich!  Hiemlich!"  But, my dad did nothing.  I grabbed my brother and started administering the Heimilich maneuver.  Nothing.  I turned him over and pounded on his back.  Nothing.  My brother was starting to turn a pale blue, signifying a severe lack of oxygen.  Finally, I stuck my finger in his mouth to initiate the vomiting reflex.  As I did so, the pink color came back to his face and he smiled at me.  I asked, "Are you okay?"  and he nodded "Yes".

The end.  I woke up.


At first, when I awoke, I was at a loss as to the meaning of the dream, but as I began to analyze it rationally, the meaning became clear.

Saving a life means the resuscitation of a "dying" or "seemingly dead" project.  My brother is male.  That means it is a work-related project.  He was the second closest brother to me chronologically, and the one that I mentored throughout our lives (yet the closest emotionally).  I felt a great affinity for the brother in my dream.  Thus the project is a very important project, one very dear to my heart.


For the past couple months I have been working on a work-related project (to find a job).  It is a very desperate project, one very dear to my heart, because I need it to support my son and myself.  I finally found one in a country, which shall remain nameless, but I was VERY worried that I would not get the work visa.  In fact, after I sent all the necessary documents, it took a long time to get word back from my prospective employer.  I was getting really worried.  Yesterday, I received email that notified me that my work visa had been approved.  Naturally, I was quite relieved.

Obviously, the dream was about that.



I tried to find special meaning in my dreams.  I hoped to communicate with God, or receive portents and omens for the future.  I found none of that.  All I found was a mirror.  I saw myself (my life) replayed in my mind's eyes, each night.  After ten years of research into my own dreams, I became bored with the study.  I did not need to be reminded of things I already knew.  I did not find it to be a productive use of my time.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that things cannot be taken at face value in a dream, except two things:  (1) yourself always represents yourself (your mind), (2) your emotions.  Everything else is symbolic.  It would appear that our subconscious chooses to communicate with our conscious through imagery and not words.  But, more often than not, our subconscious appears to "mirror" the experiences in our daily life.

I have made this page for you, my readers, in hopes of helping you understand your own psyche a bit better.


And next...



A Special Note to Parents

Does your child frequently have nightmares?  Does he/she wake up screaming in the middle of the night?  I hope I can help both of you.  Read on...

First of all, it is probably not good to expose young children to scary stories or scary films; definitely NO horror films!  They tend to believe them and are frightened by them, and will have recurring nightmares about them for many years.  [I know!  I have.]

Secondly, if the child is sick, the child will possibly see monsters (in his/her dreams) either trying to invade his/her home, or attacking his/her home, and this can be very scary.  Tell the child that the little monsters (from the dreams) are symbolic of germs (bacteria and viruses); and the home represents one's body.  Germs (such as bacteria and viruses) can be found in the air (around sick people) and in bad (spoiled) food and on the ground (especially in the soil). So, it is important to wash hands often.  When those monsters (germs) get into our bodies, we have bad dreams (about them).  Here, take this medicine;  it will kill the little monsters (germs), so that you can sleep peacefully.  [I have done this with my own child.  It works very well.]

If the child is not sick, but still sees monsters, the meaning is that there is somebody in the child's life who terrorizes the child, and the child sees no way out (because he/she is too little and powerless to stop the terror).  It is the duty of the parent to find out who or what it is that terrifies the child.  It could be a bully at school, or worse (but I won't go into that, you know what I mean).

Our children are extremely sensitive and lack the ability to deal with terrifying things.  [I have learned that what we adults call "common sense" is NOT innate, but rather a learned phenomenon;  Children are NOT born with so-called 'common sense'.  We have to teach them 'common sense'!]  It is our duty as parents to provide terror-free environments for our children to grow up in.  Sometimes that is impossible.  In such cases, it is the duty of parents to help their children cope with potentially terrifying situations.

For instance, the first day of school can be a terrifying experience.  The night of the first day of school can produce nightmares.  Teaching the child how to make new friends can be a great stress-reliever for a child.  Children are not born with the knowledge about how to make friends, you know.

Bullying is a huge problem in America's schools (and all around the world).  It is terrible that children should have to be subjected to such atrocity.  For more information, see my issues in education page.  I have been exposed to bullying when I was in elementary school, and it was truly terrifying.  I wouldn't be surprised it resulted in my recurring dreams when I tried to run, but couldn't, and tried to scream, but couldn't.

Believe you me, if I ever see a child bullying another child, I will do everything in my power to stop it.


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