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Leon's & Titus's

Dream Log


I shall record here SOME of my dreams and the interpretations thereof, so that others may gain insight in how to interpret their own dreams.

If you read my Dreams page and this page, and still cannot interpret your dream, please feel free to contact me.  I'd be glad to "take a shot" at interpreting your dream.


Date:  December 23, 2015
Dream Title:  Child Sacrifice  (Scary dream!!!)

The dream started and I was witnessing someone (anonymous figure) holding a hooded, wrapped, gagged and bound child over some very hot, flaming coals.  The figure dropped the child on the coals and I watched as the child immediately caught fire, squirmed, and helplessly struggled.  Within seconds, the child was dead, but the child continued to burn to ashes.

Then, I saw that it was my father ordering the child sacrifices.  I saw a second child burnt to death.  I was appalled.  I was in so much agony.  I went to my father and pleaded that he stop the child sacrifices.

The end.


Things are not to be taken at face value in dreams (with one exception:  the dreamer's emotions).  [See my dream dictionary for the meaning of dream archetypes / metaphors].

Father = one's business/work life
Child = one's pet project, one's "baby"  (as in..."that's my baby")
Death = the end of something

So, in taking the archetypes above, I can "piece" together the meaning of the dream.  I recently resigned from my job.  So, that's one "child sacrifice"; and my son will no longer be able to attend that school as a result.  So, that's two child sacrifices.

Am I upset about it.  Yes!  Of course I am.  It is disconcerting, disorienting, and discouraging to lose one's job and have to face the "job market" again!

So, you see, the dream is not really about child sacrifice.  If it were, I'd be in a wrong world or wrong dimension or something, 'cause nobody does child sacrifice these days.

Date: July 6, 2011
Dream Title: Tomatoes and Strawberries

I saw our tomato plants produce only half tomatoes to maturity. However, the strawberry plants produced lots and lots of full-grown strawberries.
End Of Dream
By Titus


Amazingly, there is no interpretation, because even more amazingly this dream came true.

It was a precognitive dream.

Date: July 5, 2011
Dream Title: Gone Fishing
One day, in the U.S.A., I went fishing with my dad in my dadís new truck. We went to a fishing shop and then we went to the mountains and went fishing there. While we were fishing, I saw a squid as big as two great white sharks!!!!!!!!!!! I called to my dad to help me and he grabbed hold of my fishing pole. He started pulling as hard as he could. I also helped. Finally, we caught the squid and put it in the back of the pick-up truck. Then, we went back home.
The End
By Titus 
by Leon (Titus's Dad)

I think this means that Titus misses going fishing with his dad.

It could have a double meaning of good fortune.  To catch fish is good luck!

Date: July sometime
Dream Title: Kidnapped
One day, when we were going shopping an old woman kidnapped me and I became her slave. She had black hair and a dark brown shirt. I was chained to a heavy ball. 
One day, when we were going to a shop, I saw a girl at the shop. She was a slave too. We started to talk. Then, we made a plan to escape. That night we snuck out of our prisons together and ran to a temple. The masters of us chased us. When they came to the temple, I said, "No bad person can come into a temple".
The End
by Titus
by Leon (Titus's Dad)

I think this dream means that evil spirits cannot come into Titus's body, because the body is a Temple of his spirit.

Date: July sometime
Dream Title: The WATER God
I was a water god (because I like water) and I was invited to the earth god temple. At the same time, the air and the fire gods did the same thing. Each of us had different style swords and my sword was cool. It looked like this:

The fire god had one too. It looked like this:


The End
by Titus

by Leon  (Titus's Dad)

I think that this dream means that Titus has been watching too much Bionicle.

Date:  August 18, 2004

The Dream:  [Now this is kinda crazy]...  I go into a building.  I didn't really see much of it.  I knew that it was massive (tall and wide), but I couldn't tell you how tall (nor how wide).  Since there wasn't much attention given to the building itself, I don't think it was of any great significance.  So, anyways... I go in through a side, unmarked door, the idea being that I was going to do some "trouble-shooting" (some "house-cleaning", if you will).  I was specifically looking for any kind of anomolies.  BUT, ironically, I had no idea what I was up against.  Lo and behold, I came across a dragon-like creature (obliously an aggressive, antagonistic one).  I fought either with two dragons or the same one twice (on two separate occassions).  I didn't succeed in killing the dragon(s).  I just fended them off, and then they ran away.  Well, I don't know that "fend" is the right word.  We were both on the offensive, but when I started to win, the dragon ran away.  You might say that their "bark was worse than their bite."  Since the dragon(s) were so elusive, I decided to go "over their heads."  I went in search of the main/central office, to confront the persons/things "in charge".  I kind of wanted to "go to the source", if you know what I mean.  When I barged into the office, I was surprised to find two women there.  The surprising thing wasn't their gender, but I don't think I was expecting to find anything humanoid.  The idea flashed through my mind that I might be dealing with shape-shifters, which tried to throw me off guard by placing two lovely women in my path.  I quickly decided that their little sceme wouldn't work and I pounced upon the two women, pinning them onto the sofa.  Then, this is what I told them:

"If you fight against me, you lose.  If you fight with me, we both win."

Then, I left.  I tried to find the nearest exit, which I did.  Upon exiting, I was surprised to find that I had exited in the exact same place that I had entered.

One final thing...   strangely two women came out behind me.  I'm not sure if they were the same two women that were in the office, but I thought that they might be.  In any case, I was watching my back.

[The end].


The building probably symbolizes some institution (either abstractly or concretely, but most likely an abstract one).

The dragon-like creatures obviously symbolize "bugs" in the system.

The main/central office symbolizes the "heart" of the problem.

The personnel being female generally symbolize matters of the heart/family, but in this case, I'm not so sure, because remember: I specifically recall being surprised at seeing the women, and thought that they were disguised as women, being something else, possibly NOT humanoid.


In real life that dream came right after an orientation meeting for new teachers at our school.  A lot of questions were answered, and my mind set at ease about several matters of concern.

Possible Interpretation:

I'm seriously thinking that the dream had everything to do with the meeting which preceeded it by no more than a few hours.

The "institution" (symbolized by the building) would be the JOB that I have at the school.

The "bugs" (symbolized by the dragons) would be the questions and concerns that I had about my job.

The "heart" of the problem (symbolized by the main office) would be mainly that I needed to get the answers (which I knew were forthcoming) for my own peace of mind.  In the past, I had had "fights" with the administrations of most institutions that I've worked for/with.  So, I guess my main concern was that the administration be there to "back us teachers up" when needed and that concern was quelled quite nicely.

The the creatures disguised as "women" are something of an enigma.  I guess they represent a possible facade that I perceived regarding the administation.  Only time will tell whether that perceived possible facade actually is a facade.

Notice:  that question about the perceived possible facade was never answered in my dream, as it hasn't yet in real life.  Only time will tell.  Only time will tell.



Contact Leon for a Dream Interpretation
Date:  June 10, 2004

The Dream:  [Some of the details are hazy]... I had a lot of money in my wallet, and five credit cards.  [I remember checking].  Then I went out to a night club.  The next day, I went back to the night club.  [It was a place that I frequented, and so I knew many of the people that worked there, although I wouldn't say that we were close].  So, I was at the night club, and I noticed that the cashier (a young fellow) had my wallet in his hand, along with two of my credit cards.  I grabbed them from him and check inside the wallet.  There was nothing in the wallet.  I was quite distraught.  The money was not a big issue, but losing the credit cards was!  I asked to see the manager, whom I knew, but not well.  He didn't speak English, so I got someone to translate.  [The language was not recognized].  We went to the manager's office and through the translator, I explained my predicament.  The manager got a credit card slip and asked me to sign my name.  I had the impression that he wanted to check for fraud, as someone might have used my credit cards at the night club.  He seemed agreeable, sympathetic, and accomodating.

[Then, the dream suddenly went to lucid dream, because I was stirred to consciousness by my son's noise, so the rest of the dream is not valid].

Real Life:  In real life I have only one credit card.  I have never seen that night club before, nor have I seen any of the people in the dream, although I can remember their faces quite clearly.  I can also remember the layout of the night club quite clearly.

Archetypes:  This one is a toughie, because credit cards are NOT an archetype.  Therefore, I have to try and figure out what they could symbolize.  Money is an archetype, but credit cards are different than money.  Perhaps I should start with what is known, and then the unknown will become clear...

Money signifies something of sentimental value.  I lost all my money in the dream.  That means something of value to me (sentimentally) is lost (or is being lost).

The night club:  Humans have sought the pleasurable effects of alcohol since prehistorical times, and it is my understanding the word "club" is a very old word, originating from Old Norse and High German languages (both ancient languages).  Clubs are sticks of war, as well as dens of drinking.  I heard that the latter got its name from the fact that denizens were required to "check" their clubs at the door (to prevent bar brawls).  [It seems not much has changed over the last 3,000 years!  he, he].  It seems more likely (to me) that men of a "club" hung out together.  That is to say, those who carried similar clubs were allowed to enter the "club", and drink with one's mates.  If one had a different club, he was not allowed to enter.  To go into a club, one usually must be a member.

Anyways, a club is a very ancient archetype of brotherhood (much like a fraternity, today).

And now the meaning of the credit cards becomes quite clear...

A credit card obviously signifies some kind of TRUST (credit = trust).

Interpretation: I have been invited to "become a member" of a "club" (a teaching club), here in China, AND I have enjoyed a sense of brotherhood with my Chinese hosts for the past ten months, and soon that will end.  I will leave this country.  I feel the loss already, even though I haven't left yet.  That is the meaning of the lost money.

The credit cards represent the trust between me and my future employer.  I had lost trust for a while, but have regained two-fifths of the trust.

The process of moving to a new job in a foreign country requires five steps (hence five credit cards).  Those five steps are:

1.  c.v. submission and interview

2.  job offer / job acceptance

3.  signing a contract

4.  getting a visa

5.  getting to the coutry and starting to work

The problem is I've completed the first three steps, so I should have 3 credit cards back.  I haven't actually obtained the visa yet, but I have signed a contract with my prospective employer.

Anyhow, I think that the interpretation is correct.

Contact Leon for a Dream Interpretation
Date:  May 30, 2004

I found this dream on WedMD (an online health magazine).  [So, yes, that's right, it's not mine.  BUT, I've had a dream exactly like the one below].

The Dream:

As I have previously stated, I've had my issues with not falling asleep at nights, and mostly sleeping during the day. But these past couple of weeks, my dreams have been particularly frightening. I've been having nightmares about dying. To be specific, I've either been murdered, or been involved in some freak accident. In my most recent dream, I actually accidentally crossed over from earth into what I interpreted as hell. Everything was black and gray. There weren't any fires or devils roaming around. Everyone just kept to themselves, but they all looked glum. Despite being in this "hell," there was an illuminous doorway to heaven. Only a few people were able to cross between the two worlds. I felt that since I accidentally walked into this world, then I could walk out. That was not the case. Each time I tried to walk out, I was pulled back. It seemed like my dream became more metaphorical. The doorway with the bright light was where I needed to go in order to wake up from this dream, but something was forcing me to stay asleep. It became this battle of trying to wake up. The last thing I remember was fighting off a blonde woman so I could be free. When I finally yelled at her, I intensely broke out of my dream and sprung up out of bed with fear, and the worse abdominal pain. I sat there for a moment, trying to calm myself and remembering that it was only a dream...but it felt so real. This is the first time that I've woken up with the abdominal pains, but not the first time that I have woken up in fear. I've had the struggle of waking up before in my past dreams, but when I was able to open my eyes, I was usually covered in sweat and shaking. I have no idea what is going on, by I've been fearful for my life nowadays, and dread going to bed.


Being attacked and/or killed:  This is obviously about a disease that is attacking (and/or killing) the dreamer.  

Hell:  This is a variation of the "being trapped" archetype.  

The woman:  Females represent one's "feminine side", i.e., matters of the heart and/or family.

Hair color:  hair color may or may not have any significance, but since the dreamer has called attention to the woman's hair color, it might be significant.

     blonde:  (color of Light) goodness, righteousness, spirituality, enlightenment


Someone or Something attacking one's body indicates a disease.  The abdominal pain, the sweat and shaking are indications that something is wrong physically.  If the dream only happened once, I'd say it is probably a case of food poisoning, but since these dreams are recurring, it could be much more serious than that (like appendicitis).  Being in Hell, means the dreamer feels trapped.  The fact that the dreamer had trouble finding his way out of hell indicates he doesn't know how to stop the "problem" which is attacking his body.  The fact that the woman was blonde could mean that she represents one's spiritual/religious convictions.  I'd need to know more about the circumstances regarding the blonde woman, but it sounds like the dreamer has lost his/her religion.  The dreamer could be feeling guilty about something he/she has done, and studies have shown that negative feelings can and DO manifest themselves in physical problems.



I'd recommend that the dreamer immediately get a complete physical check-up.  Unfortunately, his doctor told him to see a therapist.  That is doubly unfortunate, because the dreamer will think it is a psychological problem, when it is clearly a physical one, and will delay medical treatment, and furthermore, therapist are NOT trained in dream interpretation!!!  So, the therapist will bilk him for money and the problem will never get solved that way.

Contact Leon for a Dream Interpretation

Date:  June 13, 2004

[Prelogue:  I've had this dream before, right before coming to China].

The Dream:  I decided to go back to university, the same university where I did my undergraduate study.  This time, I intended to study harder and get straight A's.  But, at the same time, I wanted to drink alcohol on the weekends, and it is forbidden for students to drink alcohol, by the school policy.  So, I intended to sneak away on the weekends to find some place to drink and have a good time.

That's about it.  I've had the dream before, but this time it was a little different, and I don't know if that's because the dream was "cut off" before finishing or what.  But, in the past, when I've had this dream, I'd be late for classes, or I'd show up and nobody would be there, or I'd forget to attend classes and although I really wanted to do well, I couldn't seem to keep my schedule correctly.  Either that or schedules changed and I didn't know about it.

Actually, I've had many variations of this dream.  For instance, several years ago, I dreamed that I was in university, but I was home for the Summer.  While home, I realized that I had never finished high school.  I had only a couple courses left to complete, so I decided to complete them before going back to university.

Archetypes:  School, and/or attending school (of any kind) signifies the "school of life" or "learning life's lessons"

Interpretation:  [in reverse order] it seems that the dream is getting better each time I have it.  The first time, I had cheated life and "moved on" without learning some very important lessons (and in a very real way, it was true).  The second time I had the dream, I was obviously well-intentioned, but just not "getting it" (which was also VERY true).  This last time, I'm ready to go on with "my studies" in "the school of hard knocks", and this time, who knows what will come of it?

Contact Leon for a Dream Interpretation

Date:  June 13, 2004 (during afternoon nap)

[Prelogue:  either right before waking, or right after entering a semi-alert state of consciousness, but still in lucid dream, I had the distinct impression that this dream was about the "Sky People", and so, I've entitled this dream:  "The Sky People" Dream].

The Dream:  I was living among some people, who were all Oriental.  They lived above the ground, and traveled from roof top to roof top.  I was alone.  I was having a difficult time finding my way around.  In fact, I was quite lost in that "world" above the world.  I hit many dead-ends.  Finally, some nice Oriental lady gave me a lift in her car, which she drove quite adroitly, despite the possibility of driving all of the roof tops and crashing to the ground.  I don't think I was the only other person in the car, but it is hard to remember.


Being lost (in a literal sense) signifies being lost in an abstract sense.  It could symbolize one has lost his sense of direction in life.

Woman = matters of the heart (and/or family life)


Recently, I have been doing some study into the history of the people in East Asia, and according to the Korea history, (which has some correlations to the Chinese history), all people in Asia were one people (around 4,000 B.C.), and they were called the "Han" people ("Han" meaning "Sky" or "Heaven").  And even more recently, I was talking with someone about my findings.  So, obviously this dream is related to that.

Also, I have traveled all around the Orient, Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, China, and I still cannot seem to find the "right" place for me to be.

The woman, in my dream, obviously symbolizes my recent decision to focus on my family (as opposed to myself).  I have decided to put family first, and neglect my own selfish desires (which seem to lead me into trouble, anyways).

Perhaps, I won't be lost anymore, because home is wherever one's family is.




Contact Leon for Personal Dream Interpretation

This service is free of charge to my patrons;

BEWARE that it is much easier for me to interpret my own dreams, than other people's dreams.  But, let me "take a stab" at it.  I'll give it my "best shot".







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