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How to contact Leon the Lion
Leon = the owner/webmaster.

There are many ways to get in contact with Leon (webmaster):


The BEST way to contact LEON is...


Leon at Leon's Planet dot com
(no spaces and no apostrophe, please)

***PLEASE NOTE:   E-mail is by far the BEST way to contact me (I am Leon the owner/webmaster).  AND, I REPLY TO ALL MY EMAILS!  (Well, eventually).  If you need a quick reply, write "URGENT" in the subject field.




Important Notice about E-mailing:

1.  NO CAPITAL LETTERS in my email addresses, please.

2.  NO   s  p   a  c  e  s   in my email addresses, please.

3.  No apostrophes ( ' ) in my email addresses, please.

4.  at = @

5.  dot = .


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Why do I have to be so cryptic on this page?

     Well, you see... Spammers, Sniffers, Spooks, whatever you want to call them have these sophisticated e-mail extraction programs, which search through the internet for e-mail addresses and copy them from your (or my) website.  Thus, in order to keep the spammers off my back, I done what I've done (above).  [Extract That! ha, ha, ha].

     In one of my e-mail accounts (which I no longer use), I used to get a hundred SPAM messages every day.  I don't mind advertisements, but it's the viruses and worms I DO mind.  My computer has been destroyed by viruses and worms that have come through e-mail TOO many times.  I'm sick and tired of that.

I have had to delete my guestbook, because some disgusting individual kept posting pornographic links.  So sorry about that.


Message to Virus and Worm senders:

     What's up with destroying innocent people's computers?  Why do you feel the need to hurt innocent people that you don't even know?  Are your skills so lacking that you can only hurt the innocent individuals who don't have firewalls and anti-virus software, and actually cannot afford such expensive software, and even if they could, don't know how to install/run it.  Come on!  Give me a break.  Why don't you stop picking on the little guy and start picking on someone your own size, eh?  And find out what it is that you are really mad at, and target that, instead of misdirecting your anger at innocent people.

     Oh, and I just want to thank you for destroying four of my computers and making me have to reformat my hard drive countless times.  It was really fun.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Can't think of anything I'd rather have been doing at the time.



******************** PROTECT YOURSELF FROM VIRUSES, WORMS, TROJAN HORSES, ETC. **********************



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