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Meet The Clauses

(English Clauses for English grammar students)


ALL clauses (except Santa Claus) must have a subject and a verb


Subordinate Clause Main Clause Relative Clause Santa Claus

This is a submarine
Subordinate Clauses are under (or less important than) the main clause.

Subordinate clauses cannot be sentences, because they are "dependent" clauses.

The main clause is the MOST important clause in the sentence.

It is an "independent" clause and that means it can stand alone as a complete sentence.

Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who and Mrs. That are relatives.  I'm not exactly sure how they are related, but I'm sure that they are related.

Likewise, the relative clause is related to the noun that comes before it.

Ho, ho, ho!


Example: Example: Example: Example:
If I were you,
s.  v.        
I would study for the test,
s.       v.                           
which will be on January 9th.
s.       v.                      
Okay, Mr. Claus?
If I were you, I would study for the test, which will be on January 9th. (Okay, Mr. Claus?)

By the way.....

There are some homophones:  clause, claws, and Claus!

For more information about homophones, please click here.

Animal Claws


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