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About Leon's Planet
About Leon is on a different page.

History of Leon's Planet

1997:  This website was first established by me, Leon Priz, under a different domain URL:  < efl.htmlplanet.com > .  It was established as a resource for my past, present, and future students of English a Foreign Language (EFL) and English a Second Language (ESL).  What's the difference?

2000:  This website grew into something for teachers of EFL/ESL, too.

2002:  I added a section especially for EXPAT teachers of EFL/ESL.

2004:  My so-called "teachers's" expats page had evolved into an EXPAT page, (not only for teachers, but for ALL EXPATRIATES around the world).  Having been an expatriate myself from 1995 to 2016, I feel that I have a lot to offer by way of information for other expatriates.

2009:  I deleted this website, because I was in financial straits.  I could no longer afford to run this website.  It costs me a lot of money (and time) to run this website.  Most of the advertising on this website is given free of charge.  I have earned a little money from Amazon.com and Google, but it has been very, very little money, and with new rules I don't make any money at all.  Unfortunately, I have NEVER made a profit from this website.

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Leon's Planet:



2011: I started this website again (under a new domain: http://leonsplanet.com, which matches my email: leon (at) leonsplanet (dot) com [no spaces, of course].

2014-2015:  Since all fees and labor to run/operate this website are provided by me (a single individual), and since advertising has failed to produce any profit, Leon's Planet could use your support to keep going.  If you see my "About me" page, you will see that I am a poor teacher, and I have a family to feed.  So, if you would like to donate to keep this website going, please donate via Pay Pal by clicking on the donate button below.

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Leon's Planet:


It is hoped (by me) that all expats, INT'L teachers, and students of English can benefit from my website, free of charge.

Having spent 10 years in Korea , I made a Korean Home page.  Since I speak/write Spanish (as a Second Language), I made a Spanish Home page (with the help of an acquaintance; unfortunately I don't remember his name).  Having lived in China for one year, I made a Chinese Home page.  Lastly, having lived in Mongolia for 2 years, I made a Mongolian Home page.

Apology 1:  Since I am not a native Korean, Chinese, Mongolian, or Spanish speaker, there may be linguistic errors.  There might even be some English typographical errors.  I apologize for those.

Apology 2:  I have a plethora of links on my collective pages.  Sometimes links get "broken", because other websites delete their pages.  I would appreciate it if you would report broken links to me:  contact me.



There are 6 Aims to this website.  They are:

1.  World's Language Education

This website aims to promote World Language Education.
For instance, I teach basic Korean , basic Chinese , and basic Mongolian .


This website was originally geared to help learners of EFL to learn and master the English language.  Also, to a certain extent, this website is geared to learners of ESL as well (as some principles of instruction & learning overlap).  TEACHERS (and Parent-Home-Schoolers) may ALSO greatly benefit from this site.  Please see my Teachers' Page.

How do I teach English via my website?

     a)  Content-based Education

     b)  Figures of Speech

     c)  Grammar

     d)  Morphology

     e)  Phonology

     f)  Proverbs

     g)  Synonyms

     h)  What's the BEST way to learn English?  See the answer on my FAQs page.

3.  Language Testing and TEST Preparation;

Written Exams Page (English Exams)

Oral Exams Page (English Exams)


4.  Expatriate Assistance

Being an expatriate myself, I know how hard it is to live in a foreign country, especially one where one doesn't speak the lingo.  I've been an expatriate for 16 years in various countries.  So, I've learned a thing or two, and I'd like to help out my fellow expats.

EXPATs' Page 

Jobs for Teachers Overseas

5.  Edutainment

I believe that learning should be fun.  There are lots of ways to have fun while learning English on my website.  Here are a few ways (pages):

Content-based Education

Games (educational puzzles)



Tongue Twisters

6.  Studying the Universe

I believe that we should always be striving to understand the universe that we live in (and the parallel universes as well).

If interested, please see my Esoterics Page.



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