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Grammar & Usage
English Education
Tongue Twisters Blog Leon's Grammar A/B/C English
(Amer/Brit/Canada English)
Ancient Symbols
Chants x  ESL Puzzles Culture in Language Color Words American Holidays
Games for ESL x Essays Language Competence Figures of Speech Dream Interpretation
English Songs History of English Organizational Competence Homophones/Homonyms Encyclopedia Metaphysica
The Supernatural!
Interjections Humor (English jokes) Pragmatic Competence Metaphors Festivals of the Far East
Intonation Myths of English Irony Numbers Ghosts
Phonics Pen Pal Project Parts of Speech Phrasal Verbs Halloween!
Pronunciation Poetry Clauses Polysemy How to be Happy
Onomatopoeia Proverbs / Sayings Linguistic Terms Similes Mongol Meanderings
Blog of my life in Mongolia
Oral Exam Prep x Spelling Rules Crazy English Slang   NDE 
x x Written Exam Prep x Synonyms UFOs / ETs / Cryptids
x x Leon's Literature Review x Vocabulary Winter Solstice Traditions
Crazy Pronunciation x Crazy Spelling x English Words from other languages Science & Mythology


Nearly All of Leon's Pages (alphabetically)

Page Name Brief Description
A/B/C American/British/Canadian English compared & contrasted
About History of Leon's Planet (and a link to Leon's History) 
Acronyms & Abbreviations Acronyms are names/words, created by using the first letters of a phrase
Abbreviations are shorted words.
Advertising Advertise on this website
Ancient Religions Ancient Religious Symbols (Namely:  Sacred Serpents & Sacred Trees)
BLOG My personal blog page of my life as an expatriate
Buddhism Buddhism for Dummies  (joke!)
C.A.P.E. Computer Adaptive Placement Exam (for English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, ESL)  Used by over 600 institutions worldwide.  Developed by B.Y.U.
Chants English Chants & chant-like songs (for teaching English)
Children's EFL / ESL Kids Have Fun Learning English (Games, Riddles, Rhymes, Songs, etc)
China Chronicles BLOG on my life in China (1 year)
Chinese Lessons Basic Chinese [taught by Leon]
Chinglish Chinese-English errors
Color Words English words for various colors
Contact Info. There are various ways to contact me
Content-based Edu Content-based Education (in ESL/EFL)
Contrast Metaphors contrastive analysis of metaphors all around the world!
Crazy English some crazy things about English (English is CRAZY!)
Culture & Language The relationship between culture and language
Dictinary Errors ERRORS in Bilingual Lexicons (For Koreans Only)
Dreams! Dream Interpretation
Educational News General Educational News all around the WORLD!
EFL/ESL Clip Art FREE clip art by Leon
English Pedagogy A Glossary for Second Language Acquisition (SLA) [by Leon]
Essay my personal essays on various topics
Expatriates Page Expatriate Assistance (for x-pats all around the WORLD!)
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Favorite Links My favorite EFL/ESL links
Festivals of the Far East Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, & Vietnamese Festivals
Games Have Fun in learning English!
Ghosts! You will believe!
Grammar English Grammar, [by Leon]
Grey List Advice for teaching overseas (in Korea and any country)
Happiness how to find happiness
Health may take on health issues
Higher Learning make sure your school is accredited
History of English ...and History of Great Britain
Holidays U.S. holidays
Homophones homophones, homonyms, heterophones
Humor Humor, Jokes, Funny stories, Funny pictures, etc.
IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL English TEST preparation page (Also C.A.P.E.; Do you know CAPE?)
Index The HOME of my website (THIS PAGE)
Interjections These are words that express emotion.  (Ah!, Aw, Oh, etc.)
Interlanguage Korean-English Interlanguage (AKA: Konglish)
Intonation How to learn/teach it.
Irony Irony has three meanings
JOBS JOBS for teachers worldwide
Konglish Korean-English loan words (AKA: Konglish2)
Korean Chronicles My BLOG on 10-years of my life spent as an expatriate in Korea
Korean Food Translation of Korean Dishes
Korean Lessons Basic Korean [taught by Leon]
Korean Origins My Theory of Korean Origins
Language Competence based on Bachman's Theory
Leon's Liquor Page Liquor English / Alcohol English
Linguistic Terms Linguists have their own language.  So, I made this page for you.
Mongolian Lessons Learn basic Mongolian (for FREE on my website!)
Morphemes Morphemes of the English language
Metaphors English metaphors, metonymies, and other figures of speech
Music in Education How to use music to teach anything.
My SLA Theory Right now it is just a theory.
Myths of English Myths about EFL / ESL
NDE Near-Death Experiences
A must read!  New evidence!  New findings, never before published anywhere else in the world!
New What's New?
Numerology Study of numbers and their meanings
Onomatopoeia Sound words, like:  moo, meow, ding, dong, tick, tock
Oral Exam For prospective English teachers, who will have an English interview
Organizational Competence From Bachman's Language Comp.
Parts of Speech Nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
Pen Pal Project Pen Friends, E-mail Friends, Key Pals, etc.
Phrasal Verbs Ai! Those infamous phrasal verbs!
Pics Pics of myself and my son
Poetry English poetry (including my own)
Polysemy Words with multiple meanings
Pragmatic Competence From Bachman's Language Comp.
Proverbs English Sayings and Proverbs
Puns Humorous English Puns
References Online Reference Sites
Resume my resume / my c.v.
Similes Common English Similes
Slang English slang, of course
Songs English songs, of course  (Learn English Karaoke style!)  The Best Way to Learn!
Spelling Rules English spelling rules only.
Synonyms English Synonyms
Teachers Links for Teachers only
Teaching Ideas not much here yet
The Way Taoism
Titus My son's page (with lots of photos)
Tongliao 5 Middle School I used to teach there!
Tongue Twisters classics & originals [by Leon] Listen and repeat and time yourself.
UFO / ET / Cryptids Don't you believe?
Vocabulary Best way to improve!
Winter Solstice Winter Solstice Traditions
Words from Other Lingos English from other languages
X-Links Links for TEFL eXpatriates
X-News Links to Online Newspapers
X-mas/Yuletide Christmas/Yuletide Page
X-mas songs Christmas Songs


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Salaam, Dobrodošli, 歡迎 (fňonying), 欢迎 [simplified], 歡迎 [traditional] (huānyíng), Vítáme tĕ, Velkommen, Welkom, Bienvenue, Wolkom, Willkommen, Καλώς ορίσατε (Kalōs orisate), Aloha, Benvenuto, ようこそ (yōkoso), 환영합니다 (hwangyong-hamnida), Тавтай морилогтун (tavtai morilogtun), Bem-vindo / Bem-vinda, Bienvenido, Välkommen, Mabuhay, Swaagatham, Merhaba